You Just have to visit The Ann Arbor Street Fair, One Of The Best Cultural Events That Celebrates Street Art In USA

The Ann Arbor Street Fair is a combination of four unique fairs that transforms the districts of Ann arbor Michigan USA into one huge art gallery that welcomes art lovers from across the world

  • The Ann Arbor original street fair
  • The Ann. Arbor summer art fair
  • The Ann Arbor state street art fair
  • The Ann Arbor south university art fair

It was conceived in 1960 when sidewalk art sales were a regular feature. Thereby it grew into a much larger feature with an organization to focus the collective works of artists and buyers. The Ann Arbor street fair is popular among artists and collectors worldwide especially because of its consistency of creativity and quality over the last 57 years of its existence.


The street fair through to its central character of a street fair spills over into the streets around the famous Burton carillon towers and the campus of University of Michigan. The fair is among the top 10 best art fairs in the USA


What really catches the eye about the Ann Arbor street fair is the highly imaginable display of art including art prints, paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, jewelry and craftwork. You’re most likely to see art in wood, glass, mixed mediums, leather and even digital expressions of art.

1. Paintings in the Ann Arbor Street Fair


The Ann Arbor Street fair features over a 1000 artists. The best part about this is the variety of styles ranging from minimalism, oils and acrylics to abstract and figurative art; you can feast your eyes on umpteen art styles and still not get your fill.

In its 60th year, the Ann Arbor street fair is one of the oldest of its kind in the USA. The fair structure is segregated in its nature based upon artists, buyers and pricings


If you’re thinking of going to the Ann Arbor Street Fair, then the most peaceful area is north University Street of the Michigan campus. The southern university street has a more animated character due to a variety of veteran artists and first time participants. There are also restaurants, cafes and live music as entertainment if you like a bit of noise and crowd.


2. Dates of the Ann Arbor Street fair 2020

  • Thursday July 16th —Sunday July 19th
  • Fair Timings: Thursday to Saturday 10 am to 8pm
  • Sunday: noon -6pm

3. How to Get To the Fair


Park & ride Shuttles are easily available from all points running every 15 minutes. The Ann Arbor transportation authority also picks passengers up from the pioneer high school area and briarwood Mall. If you’re going by car its best you check up n the traffic system because certain routes will be closed because of the fair.

4. Amenities at the Ann Arbor Street Fair


Don’t bother to pack food as there will be innumerous eateries and food options in the fair food court just outside Ingalls Mall. The Michigan Theater also allows visitors for a bite to eat from 12 noon to 8pm

5. Kids at the fair


You can take your kids to the fair as there will be an activity zone to keep kids out of trouble. There will be a number of open free projects such as wildlife, art and crafts for kids to participate in

6. Events at the fair


Every day at the Ann Arbor Street fair, there will be workshops with artists showcasing their art as well as tutorials in aspects of art forms such as painting, ceramics, wooer etc moreover there will be a while list of musical performers lined up for entertainment,. The south university street fair will be serving some grit ethnic cosine.

7. Accommodation


Hotels are abundant in Ann Arbor and so are affordable motels and guest houses. While you’re at the fair don’t forget to take a walk and explore the quaint region of Ann Arbor.

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