These 3 Main Foods Could Be Causing Your Joint Pain

Inflammation in the joints and joint pain becomes common and extremely hectic when we start ageing. Getting up from the bed early mornings, movingfrom the drawing room to the dining table tends to be more difficult.These are usually experienced by people in their seventies and eighties,but don’t be surprised,people at young age tend to suffer from it too. The center for disease and prevention have done a study and concluded that Among 5 adults, 1 adult is suffering from arthritis.

Is your joint pain is getting bad

If you are hoping to find some cure in it, then you’re reading the wrong article. This Article will tell you what wrong thing you’re doing that increases the pain and how we cut-down or avoid doing such things to reduce it. Even our diet can be a major factor for our joint pain. Food items like certain nuts, olive oil and fatty fish have anti-inflammatory properties according to research. Though there are some foods that make’s the condition more crucial and increase the pain in the joints, here are 3 foods that cause joint pain.

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes, are amng foods that cause joint pain. These red juicy fruits used in our daily cooking also play a major factor on our joint pain. Although it adds that extra tangy flavor in our pasta along with basil but research has concluded our joint pain increases because of the consumption of tomatoes. Tomatoes are well known for their anti-inflammatory properties but as they trigger pain in the joints of the gout which forms a kind of arthritis.

A program was concluded in which among 2051 people 400 people or 20% people identified tomatoes as their cause for their increase in the pain in their joints. One of the most underlying causes of gout is tomatoes as they increase the levels of uric acid in our blood. Rather than getting rid of tomatoes, you should check level of uric acid present in your blood and consult a doctor whether you require a drug reducing uric acid.


2. Sugary Soda

Among foods that cause joint pain, we have been brought up with the knowledge that sugary sodas are bad for our stomach. It even increases the pain in our joints. Putting aside the bad facts of sodas like weight gain, heart diseases and diabetes, one good effect is that they release cytokines, these have both pro-inflammation and anti-inflammation effects.

A research was done by the American journal of clinical nutrition data which found a relation between the risk of arthritis and soda consumption. This information will give you a warning! If a woman drink 1 sugar soda a day, her chances of getting arthritis is increased by 63%. It’s no point changing to diet soda, which is completely a different story because it has its own health risks.


3. Soybean, Corn, Sunflower, Cottonseed Oils and Safflower

On every food item ad televised, we hear this thing called omega 6 fatty acids, Every health article on the internet tells us about the health advantages of omega 3’s,but omega 6 fatty acids doesn’t give us double the Omega 3’s nutritional value. Omega 6 is present in almost every item available in a grocery store as it is found mostly in soybean oil. Omega 6 fatty acids are consumed in a high number in a complete American diet, which is close to 25 times of omega 3 fatty acids consumed.

Our consumption of omega 6 fatty acids can lead to a catastrophe when we are suffering from joint pain. If omega 6 fatty acids and healthy fats reach a ratio of 10:1 we can suffer from heart problems, increase in inflammation and asthma. Omega 6 fatty acids are present in Fried food, egg yolk, meat, margarine, etc. They are even present in chemically treated oils used for cooking like canola oil, peanut oil and soybean oil.

peanut oil and soybean oil

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