The Reason You Have Cankles and 8 Ways to Help You Fix Them

If you have cankles as a condition which are swollen ankles, then here are the reasons and tips to get rid of cankles

Cankles in case the word confused you are thick and wide ankles that look almost the same as the lower calf. Some may just regard cankles as a normal feature on the body and aside for being an unattractive feature doesn’t mean anything else. But it’s more than that. Cankles could be a sign of a health issue whose underlying source should be considered by getting a doctor’s opinion. Here are some tips on how to get rid of cankles albeit carefully as every case requires a different approach.

1. Do more leg exercises.

Do more leg exercises


This is one area like the abdomen where your body can accumulate extra fat. If you notice that the cankles are fatter than usual, then it could be due to an unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity making you gain weight. Taking into consideration that the cankles could also be due to some health condition, the best thing you could do is to start losing that stubborn leg fat which is not hard to achieve.

One of the ways to get rid of cankles is to try out a new workout routine and commit yourself to making it a habit. There is no specific workout routine that will make you lose weight only in that area; there are several helpful leg and calf exercises that can be tried.

2. Avoid sodium

Avoid sodium

One of the causes of cankles or sudden weight in the area is water retention. Our body needs sodium for optimum function and to maintain the balance of fluid and blood volume in our body. But, we need just a little amount which should be no more than 2,300 mg per with the ideal adult limit being 1500 mg per day as recommended by the American heart Association. Instead the average human ends up consuming 3,300 mg per day resulting in water retention in the body because of the excess sodium.

To maintain the levels of sodium in the body, we need to avoid frequent consumption of processed food like chips, soft drinks, canned foods and fried food. Reduce sodium and replenish your body with foods rich in potassium instead.

3. Legs up!


One major cause of swollen ankles could be pregnancy because the body retains extra fluid as required by the fetus. Pregnancy can make your feet swell pretty badly but don’t worry because these type of cankles are temporary including other side effects of pregnancy.

Once your baby appears, you can start reducing your salt intake while maintaining fluid intake. Keep your swollen feet raised for around 10 inches above your heart for 10 to 15 minutes three to four times daily.

4. Wear compression stockings

Wear compression stockings

One of the more common symptoms of vascular disease or chronic venous disorders is cankles and even swollen feet. First get an accurate diagnosis that you indeed suffer from the condition by consulting a doctor. Besides the medication, you can also try wearing a graduated compression stocking which makes the blood flow up towards the heart rather than down to the feet. Furthermore, try the leg raising poses mentioned in the earlier point as one of the ways to get rid of cankles.

5. Drink natural diuretic fluids.

Drink natural diuretic fluids.

Your body is 70% water and tries it’s best to maintain that amount of fluid so that your organs and parts of your physiology work fine. However, several issues impact and alter this balance of fluid making your body try to maintain the level of water in the lower part of the body instead. The causes that create such a condition could be heart and kidney problems, pregnancy, a sedentary lifestyle, sitting too long, medication side effects and others.

If water retention is causing your cankles, then find out the exact reason by consulting a doctor. Try consuming plenty of diuretic drinks such as dandelion tea, green tea, parsley tea and hibiscus tea. These will help flush out the excess fluid from your body.

6. Embrace the beauty of your body.

Embrace the beauty of your body.

Genes can play a major role in defining how our bodies look. If your mother and grandmother had the same problem, chances are that you will too. You need to look for tips and tricks or good remedies to get rid of cankles as well as look towards other possible causes.

When you are sure that your cankles are not the cause of any underlying condition, try out all the remedies of how to get rid of cankles mentioned in this article. You need to lead a healthier lifestyle that includes maintaining a good balanced diet with adequate exercise. An active lifestyle and a positive attitude is the key to embracing the natural look and beauty of your body. On the other hand, if you are serious on getting rid of cankles inherited genetically, then speak to a doctor for invasive cosmetic methods to do so.

7. Pay attention to your medications.

The Reason You Have Cankles and 8 Ways to Help You Fix Them

Find out if the medications you take could be having water retention as one of the side effects. Pills for heart and kidney disease could also cause it. If you observe suddenly that your calves and ankles look the same with no difference or contrast in shape, and the ankles are looking more than swollen after you have started taking your pills, consult your doctor immediately. Swelling can also indicate a more serious condition that one should never attempt to cure with self-medication.

8. Tips to hide your cankles

Tips to hide your cankles

If you don’t suffer from any underlying conditions but still have cankles and want to know how to get rid of them, then the smartest tips for you would be to divert attention from them.

Try to accentuate your neckline and face with aesthetic and good makeup, jewellery and accessories. Choose full skirts and avoid wearing stilettos that place a lot of contrast between the leg and shoe. Avoid ankle straps and flat shoes. Pointy toes are recommended as they give the appearance of an elongated leg. Try wearing thicker clothing that will draw more attention to your better features.

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