Men Reveal 7 Reasons Why They Like Women With Short Hair

The idea that it is only women who have long hair are the desirable ones to men is a bit off the mark even though it is supported by centuries of evolutionary psychology but now studies exist to show that women with short hair as attractive and in no way is short hair a factor to regard women as less feminine. In fact, to many men, short hair on women is even more attractive as the study explained. While women with long hair were seen as healthy and intelligent, surprisingly it was women with short hair who were found to be caring and feminine. It all boils down to preference and here are the reasons that make women with short hair more attractive to men.

1. Short hair gets more attention.

Short hair gets more attention.

It was found that women with short hair stood out from the rest which is why men notice them easily. Online research yielded the fact that men who have a preference for short hair remarked that short hair is less common than long hairstyles and that is what makes it special. A woman who pulls off a pixie cut well can be irresistible and attention grabbing.

2. They can see your face and neck better.

They can see your face and neck better.

In several fashion shows, models are made to wear their hair in a bun or back to reveal as much of their faces as possible. This is because hair can distract and hide their main facial feminine features. Men agree with this idea and feel that the most attractive qualities of a woman are her neck and face. Shortcuts highlight these and make their beauty shine. Comments on reddit related to this went like:

“I think one major factor is how it highlights the neck and the shape of the jaw.”

Another with the id ConsiderableOhm said “While I don’t view it as always attractive, it does show off the cheekbones and facial structure quite well. If you’re big on faces for attractiveness, that may be part of it.”

3. Short hair reminds men of attractive celebrities.

Short hair reminds men of attractive celebrities.

Pixie cuts have been sported by many famous people who have rocked the style. This creates a favorable impression in men’s brains. Several men when asked if they liked women with short hair gave out examples of celebrities and that’s a good thing for ladies who now know where to take inspiration from. Those who have looked good in the pixie cut are Emma Watson, Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta, Winona Ryder in Alien Resurrection. Maybe it is in the cheekbones and eyes.

4. Women with short hair require less maintenance.

Women with short hair require less maintenance.

Imagine how long it takes for someone with long hair to style and maintain their hair. It can be a huge effort shampooing, blow drying, straightening, curling, not forgetting the cost of hair cosmetic products. This sounds insane to men who dislike women taking so long to get ready for an event. Now with short hair all of these issues are eliminated. Said one redditor with the ID Soigne 87:

“Not only do I find that it makes many women more attractive for me, it also just seems more efficient, which I like as well. Less hair means less time and money spent, while actually increasing the attraction value, at least from my perspective.”

5. Short hair = confidence

Short hair

Not all women like to experiment with haircuts. It takes a bit of courage and confidence. This is another factor that makes men attracted to women with high self esteem and when a woman cuts her hair short it shows her confidence and self-esteem which immediately makes men know about it. Confidence and independence are attractive qualities in women.

6. It doesn’t get in the way.

It doesn’t get in the way

According to the study men have stated that one big factor that they like about women with short hair is the perks of cuddling. Some have said that they don’t like it when their partner’s hair gets in the way or on their eyes and mouth. Some have said that they like the idea of not finding hair scattered around their apartments, although sounds chauvinistic, from their point of view its practical. One redditor commented:

ChooChooRocket: “I like all girls, with any kind of hairstyle. But one benefit I can relate to is how it must be easier to unclog the shower drain if all the women in your house have short hair.”

7. It often means that a woman cares about her look

It often means that a woman cares about her look

A short hairstyle doesn’t appear by accident. Women who pick out such hairstyles means that they have gone through great pains to find out what suits then and it also means how much she takes care of herself. It proves that the woman is also taking care of herself and is interested in her appearance. Those women who sport unusual hairstyles like undercuts, short hair are those kind of people who love taking care of their hair and also their entire appearance as well.

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