How to Handle A Wife for A Happy Marriage

As the common saying goes, “a happy wife is a happy life” but knowing how to handle a wife and make her happy is another thing altogether. It may seem impossible for some as there is no pleasing women at times and the task could seem the most difficult of all. But every husband should learn how to treat a woman especially his wife for a happy marital relationship. While the process itself is a self-learning one, there are tips you can follow on how to handle a wife for peaceful and loving co-existence.

1. Understanding Personality

Understanding Personality

A husband should be able to learn his wife’s personality, nature and behaviour. All women are different which means your wife is also a unique woman. She may appear dominant or submissive, she may be happier remaining at home or love some nights out with her friends. A husband needs to learn what makes his wife tick, her likes, dislikes and what are the little things that make her happy. Such things will help you interact with her positively and learn how to react and behave with her to make your life a smooth and happy one.

2. Make her Believe She is the Most Beautiful Woman

Make her Believe She is the Most Beautiful Woman

Not every man does this because after the honeymoon phase, many men think he grass is greener on the other side. Regardless of her complexion, hair or looks, she is the woman you married and vowed you in the beginning so see her always like that and make her the most beautiful person in your life. Knowing how to handle a wife means catering to her strengths too. Every woman loves to be called beautiful so don’t forget to tell her so now and then. If you want her to make some changes which you feel may make her look better, offer subtle hints like “You are looking awesome in this red dress but if you try some vivid colours, it can look more beautiful.”

3. Never Compare

Never Compare

Don’t compare her to other women, most women hate that your wife included. If you want to know how to handle a wife, then don’t make comparisons. Appreciating other women may breed jealousy in your wife and dislike for you too. Just because your wife doesn’t have some of the skills that you see in another, doesn’t mean she is any less skilled or talented. Everyone has their own unique qualities.

4. Celebrate Whenever you get a Chance and Surprise Her

Celebrate Whenever you get a Chance and Surprise Her

For newly married couples, a husband would do well to gift his wife small things on special occasions. Women love such gestures and it makes them feel wanted, cared and love. It may sound materialistic but that’s how the world runs. Women live gifts and being surprised. Moreover, you should never forget anniversaries, or her birthday. These are important to any woman and they should be to you too.

Planning small celebrations revolving around her makes her love you even more and improves the relationship.

5. Let Her Manage Things in Her Own Way

Let Her Manage Things in Her Own Way

If your wife is a homemaker. Then you shouldn’t interfere how she changes the upholstery, disciplines kids or cooks food. All Women have a type of psychology that gives them the ability to handle domestic matters including disciplining children. As long as her methods don’t involve any abuse, you should never undermine or authority around the house or in front of the children. If there is any issue you feel isn’t good for the family, speak to her politely about it giving the impression of your genuine concern.

6. Avoid Conflicts

Avoid Conflicts

Any situation that increases a conflict should be ended immediately. Do not make the mistake of stretching an issue too long as it could breed contempt and result in more tension in her. You must remember that women can get hurt by words deeply and that is one thing you should never do which would make your wife remember the verbal scar lifelong. Avoid conversations where our views oppose hers or if you do try to avoid commenting or going against her.

7. Give her constant support

Give her constant support

If you truly want to learn how to handle a wife, then become her pillar of support. Whether it is an achievement, a task, a day at the office or at home, always support her for her efforts in running the family and offer to takeover to give her sone rest.

When your wife faces a conflict with anyone else, she should enjoy your whole hearted support. Even if she is having an argument with someone else, show that she isn’t alone. There are things that you may find are wrong, but they could be right for her, in this way simply get your wife to cool down. Never insult your wife in a public place as it can be very demeaning. If you have any issues, bring it up when you are alone and that’s a good thing to do. Follow these tips for a healthy and happy married life.

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