9 Dangerous Things We Keep Doing Every Day Without Realizing Their Impact on Us

Humans are smartest animals on Earth but we are also creature of habits which we have inculcated by things which we humans have created for our convenience. But unfortunately, though these innovations were made to make our lives simpler but they are actually harming us in the long run. Here are nine dangerous things we do everyday.

1. Drinking out of plastic bottles

Drinking out of plastic bottles


Plastic drinking water bottles or soda bottles even for that matter medicine bottles contain microplastics which are life threatening for humans. This component has been medically tested and proven to have reduced fertility ratio, increase body fatand has detrimentally effecton our natural immunity and nervous systems as well. To make matter even scarier its known to encourage obesity in children, male genital development deficiency and increases the chances of having cardio vascular diseases.

2. Using dry cleaned clothes

Using dry cleaned clothes


Amng dangerous things we do, we all know dry cleaning itself is completely chemical process in which a lot of toxic chemicals are involved. Some of these chemicals can easily remain attached with in the fabric of the garments after the wash up too. When inhaled these chemicals can cause respiratory, eye irritation, vision problems, dizziness and nausea. Go to reputed dry-cleaning centres which follow all the regulation related to proper cleaning of the garments and try to wash your own clothes more by yourself.

3. Holding sneezes

Holding sneezes


No matter whether you are in art gallery or in a meeting never hold up sneezes. Holding up sneezes can cause ruptures in the eardrums because the air instead of escaping through your nostrils runs back to your ears. Also, its known that blocking sneezes can cause blood vessels ruptures in your eyes, nose and eardrums. So, let go of embarrassment as your health is more important.

4. Using perfumes full of chemicals

Using perfumes full of chemicals


Again, a lot of modern perfume brands use a lot of dangerous chemicals in their production process and the worst part of it is they keep it a secret for obvious reasons. Gullible people buy them owing to fantastic marketing activities and fall victims to these poisonous gases. Most of these ingredients come from petroleum derivatives and are the prime reason for respiratory disorders and hormonal issues. Nausea and vomiting are usual side effects but most dangerously these chemicals are also carcinogenic.

5. Popping pimples

Popping pimples


Many people simply can’t resist disfiguring and scarring their faces by the sheer temptations of popping pimples and acne.Thus is one of the dangerous things we do and apart from the basic side effects of leaving a scar, this bad habit there is an area of face which is called “the triangle of Death” having direct links with brains and nervous systems. If a burst pimple there causes an infection, the infestation can easily reach our nervous systems and cause vision complications, paralysis, meningitis, and in the worst-casescenario, even Death.

6. Using cosmetics with synthetic components

Using cosmetics with synthetic components


Make up with synthetic components make them comparative cheaper to buy but prove much more costly to your health later on. These components do not wash off easily and sorts of accumulates on the skin pores and surface over the time and causes rashes, itches and worse skin cancer.Soit’s is better to buy organic, slightly costly cosmetics which would last you long without harming your skin and hair especially if you belong to show industry and cannot avoid heavy makeup.

7. Not changing your pillow

Not changing your pillow


Among dangerous things we do, it’s really a no brainer, very night when you sleep tour pillow covers absorbs, sweat, grime, dust of your hair and neck region and even facial and scalp oil too. This is a welcome environment to breed pest, mites which have grown and thrives on your pillows and sheets and cause skin rashes, irritations and allergies. Follow the hygiene routine with your bed sheets and covers and pillow cases by washing them regularly and keep buying new ones at least once year.

8. Plucking nose hairs

Plucking nose hairs


Plucking nose hair seem imperative as they look bad and makes you look like an ungroomed oaf. But tweezing them can be painful and cause irritation, bleeding or inflammation if not done right. Moreover, the nose hair is there for a reason, if you keep plucking them clean all the time, they can reduce your immunity and can cause meningitis and even brain infections. So just trim them a bit by special scissors for this purpose and stay away from all the repercussions.

9. Eating pre-packaged meals

Eating pre-packaged meals


We agree there are time and places where we don’t have any other choice but to eat pre packed food is one of the dangerous things we do especially when we are travelling. But in normal cases one must try to stay away from them as much as possible as they are not fresh and cooked with a lot many preservatives. They are cooked at high fames with lots of products which are carcinogenic by nature. Moreover, it has been tested that these packaged meals have high chances of you developing diabetes.

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