Celebrity Portraits Taken At Vanity Fair’s Oscars After-Party By Mark Seliger Are Absolutely Stunning

Well the Oscars are over for the year, the carnival for the movie lovers and movie makers alike. But show is not over just after the awards are given out. There are photo shoots, dinners and after awards parties too. Here is after the Awards photo shoots by Vanity Fair which features 12 most watched over celebrities in this year’s award show.Here are some of the most captivating Vanity Fair Celebrity portraits after Oscar’sshots clicked by the star photographer Mark Seliger which captures the artists in their most sheer sincere and piecing moments.

1. Bong Joon Ho



This year’s Man of the moment who literally swept the show away. He is a South Korean Director of the Famous Movie Parasite which trumped off all the big players in the nominations this year and won 4 prestigious awards. He successfully has placed Korean movie making in the cinematic focus of the whole world.

2. Scarlett Johansson



She was anyways a super popular and talented actress recognised by the world but getting nominated for the best actress and supporting actress cements her potential as a force to be reckoned with. Among celebrity portraits after Oscar’s shots, this was splendid. She has proved that being beautiful and popular just confine you from being talented and gifted actress as well.

3. Robert De Niro



The acting powerhouse who is already a living legend across the world. Robert De Niro is still; a hot contender of the awards at 2020 as he was in 1974. He has seven Oscar nominations and 2 wins under his belt which leaves us with no doubts where he ranks amongst the movie greats of all time.

4. Laura Dern



The world may still recognise her as the one who gapes and gasps at the sight of a living dinosaurs out of a roof less jeep from the movie “Jurassic Park” but her talent has been mostly overlooked all these years but she made it up by winning the best supporting actress award this time.

5. Tracee Ellis Ross



Among Vanity Fair celebrity portraits after Oscar shots, she is already a household name because of her roles in hit shows like Girlfriends and Blak-ish, but in Oscars this Year she blasted every one worth her glamorous old Hollywood style with her dress and make up. She is truly the combination of looks and talents.

6. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen



This power couple look fantastic. John legend is perhaps the most melodious and popular singers of the modern times and Chrissy being a supermodel and actress is star in her own right. Together they make the screen come alive.

7. Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson



Another talented couple to take notice of, Holland Taylor is Emmy winner and gifted actress and writer who is most popular for her role as Evelyn Harper in “two and a half men”. She is the Partner of yet another Emmy and Golden Globe winner Sarah Paulson who is now paving her way big time in big screen with her role in hit movie like Oceans 8. She is one of the 100 most influential people according to Time Magazine as well.

8. Billie Eilish



After her 5 Grammy wins this Billie Eilish is hot star in all the big performing scenes including her The Oscars as well. She is a show stopper with her rebellious looks as well as attitude and her powerful voice which has made her international celebrity teenager.

9. Charlize Theron



From the very beginning Charlize made sure she is not just another pretty face or yet another supermodel making it to the silver screen. She in just few years has already secured 3 Oscars nominations and a win as a best actress under her belt. She can light up the screen with her beauty and talent in not just popular movies like the Hancock or hard-hittingreality-based movies like the Monster.

10. Olivia Wilde



As one of the best celebrity portraits after Oscar shots, she is an Irish American actress producer, director and activist who is famous for her roles in various movies and social documentaries making her the one of the most vivacious, beautiful and brilliant actresses in the town. She is can wow us by her grace as well as wits.

11. Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade



They were the stylish match and couple made for the lenses this Oscars with their looks as well as get up. The duo was at their elegant best in white lace. Gabriella Union is household names for her roles in movies like “Bring it on “and “Breaking in” etc. While Dwayne Wade is National stars Basketball player and is the hottest player in the team of the Miami Heat!

12. Martin Scorsese



This movie making legend has already one the big man 5 times and is considered one of the greatest movie directors in the league of Cupola, Ford, Spielberg etc. if he directing a movie is bound to be nominated or win great many awards and is every actor’sdream to be under his tutelage.

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