Active Isolated Stretching: Your Route To Good Health And Happiness.

Physical activity and exercise holds the key to the quality of life. No amount of money will achieve you that state of mental well being unless you do not provide your body favorable conditions to look at life from a positive perspective. An oxygenated body ensures total nourishment to every organ of your body to promote healthy physiological and mental function. Now you may smile and think how on earth would you achieve such objectives with your 24/7 work oriented lifestyle. Well it’s simple. Try Active isolated Stretching or AIS.


Observing the techniques of Active Isolated Stretching for a short while each day is enough to provide you all the factors conducive to good health. Not only will the exercise rejuvenate your body but it will also bear a positive influence on your mind as the term ‘hale and hearty’ will then apply to you in every sense of the word.

1 What Is Active Isolated Stretching?

Active isolated stretching is a holistic health technique based on the physical action of stretching. Dynamic stretching of muscles aims at the following health objectives

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Rejuvenated organs
  • Oxygenation of the entire body
  • Renews muscle elasticity
  • Prevents muscle atrophy and rigidity
  • Restores functionality in all muscles

The most common and effective technique observed by body builders and athletes to strengthen muscles is isolation exercises. That is performing workouts which physically exert a specific muscle. Isolated stretching works on the same principles having being developed as a form of therapy. Thus it benefits everyone. While laypersons can enjoy the benefits of perfect bodily function and health, athletes seek to benefit from AIS as a great recovery program in the wake of constant muscle wear and tear.

2 Active Isolated Stretching: the technique

Active isolated stretching advocates the use of the 2 second stretch by performing the technique on a single muscle. While performing an isolated stretch the muscle in question is allowed to relax and receive increased levels of oxygen thus improving its physiological abilities to a maximum.

3 How Does Active Isolated Stretching Help You?

Performing the AIS technique in repetitions of 8 to 10 times improves blood circulation increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the particular muscle. Not only is the muscle invigorated, it also regains elasticity and flexibility.


Achieving the physical benefits of oxygenation through AIS is now a popular practice. Improving oxygen levels ensures all organs receive the maximum nourishment of essential nutrients required for maximum functionality. It is also an effective detoxification method by enhancing the process of elimination of waste materials from the body.

4 AIS Increases Range of Motion

Overstretching and prolonged physical activity results in muscle pain and soreness. The reason for such symptoms is overstepping the limits of your body’s myotatic reflex which is a natural barrier against prolonged activity. AIS through its short termed stretching technique increases such limits thereby reducing recovery time for maximum benefit from a workout.

5 How Oxygenation Promotes Mental Well being


While most people aren’t athletes, a simple but effective workout routine at home or at the gym will provide you all of the above benefits. The relation to mental well-being through exercise is largely due to oxygenation of the body. Improved metabolism helps in burning fat, reducing bad cholesterol and unclogs arteries to promote blood flow throughout the body. This increases oxygen levels to every organ, improving their functions.

While the existence of consciousness is beyond comprehension, it still requires a brain to function. Improved levels of oxygen to the brain are vital for healthy brain function promoting positive thought for mental health. Depression is a byproduct of our perception of life. However a positive mindset improved by healthy cognitive function alters a negative perception of life. Oxygenation of your body through physical activity benefits various physiological functions such as protein synthesis vital for the regeneration of muscle tissue.

6 AIS for an improved quality of life


In terms of lifestyle, Performing Active Isolative Stretching just a few minutes each day revitalizes and improves your quality of life. In pursuing ambitions and monetary gain, little is done to achieve good health. It is such factors that play havoc on our physical and mental well being resulting in lifestyle related disease including depression.

Rather than hoping someone will take care of you, isn’t it time you took care of yourself? Learn AIS, it’s your daily pill for good health and happiness.

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