9 Style Tricks That Men Keep Forgetting About in Vain

If you as a man are looking for some neat style tricks then here are 9 of them that men usually forget constantly

Men still have a condescending idea about fashion or trends and they think its flippancy to think about it. As long as their shirts are fitting, trousers comfortable and shoes light and easy to walk with they are happy. Well the result of this practicality leaves them looking weird or young men dressed like their grandfathers. So instead of being conceited about fashion dressing should be taken seriously and it’s not hard at all. Only 9 tricks can keep you looking good as well as comfortable.

1. Combining jeans with boots

9 Style Tricks That Men Keep Forgetting About in Vain


Among style tricks, urban men wear jeans with sneakers which if not done properly may make you look finny and legs look too long and without shape. In fact, many companies have come out with new designed jeans which are meant to be worn with sneakers. Ideally jeans should be matched with boots.

2. Using a normal amount of garments

Using a normal amount of garments


What men of any age do not understand is the simple concept of “Less is more”. So, if they have a flashy new shirt or couple of cool wrist bands or silver chains, they would wear all of it to show off and end up looking gaudy. Wearing your wristwatch, thick wrist band along with a new hat is just confusing and distracting people from seeing the real statement you are trying to make. A cool sunglass with a simple t shirt and jeans with a sports shoes and may be a simple neck chain (worn in) would make you look much classier and more elegant.

3. Combining baggy and slim-fitting clothing

Combining baggy and slim-fitting clothing


Long shapeless shirts are not exactly recommended anywhere and form fitting shapes are always appreciated. In fact, baggy shirts or jeans are stylish only when they are teamed along fitted tops or jeans. Otherwise you’ll look like shapeless, fat and short and if you just go with skinny top and jeans it will make you look too thin and too tall and again shapeless like a straight column.

4. Choosing the right neck

Choosing the right neck


As one of the style tricks, choosing the correct neck of your t shirts and top make a hell of a difference in your looks and overall appearance. If the correct necked top is worn it suits harmoniously with square cut jawlines or shorter necks while if a man has a tall thin neck crew cut suits him more. And please let the deep “vs. “in your deep cut shirt should be left to the ladies.

5. Breaking in a leather jacket

Breaking in a leather jacket


Usually thick new leather jackets need to be broken in by wearing them but you can break in the jacket before wearing it by rubbing it with a wet cloth and after wearing it just stretch your arms a little like you are doing warm up exercises. Now the jacket would not look stiff but rather new as well as worn in, just remember jacket is obviously protects you from nippy air or cold breeze but it’s not exactly meant to be exposed to torrential rains or blizzards either.

6. Choosing a suit that suits you

Choosing a suit that suits you


Want to look like Sherlock in new dapper suit but end up looking like a droopy 80s slap up comedy sketch character instead? Well it’s the cut and the fitting of the suit which is too big for you. A short man should always stick to suits with high waist buttons and thinner materials to look willowy and tall. Taller guys should go for wear dark suits with 3 button jackets. They can shorten the neckline of the outfit by wearing suits with 2 buttons.

7. Wearing shorter, untucked shirts

Wearing shorter, untucked shirts


Among style tricks, teaming long and loose shirts over slim trousers of jeans will make you look shapeless and give a disproportionate appearance to your body. It highlights your torso making it too long and legs too short. Just remember this golden rule, if you are wearing your shirt out, half of your crouch must be visible. Or otherwise you can judge by another sign, the front buttoned shirt tail should barely align with your sleeves when you stand up straight.

8. Eliminating the muffin top

Eliminating the muffin top


Remember, not all shirts are made to be tucked in and if you tuck in a wrong shirt you would end up looking like a muffin which is very hilarious for others but not the wearer at all.

If you face problem in tucking the shirts then you can invest in buying some military tuck or shirts stays which would keep you away from looking nonclassy “muffin top”.

9. Buying shorts that are the right length

Buying shorts that are the right length


Shorts could be problematic as they can make you look funny or super cool if chosen properly. Clearly, you don’t want wear too short “shorts” for obvious reasons but too long “shorts” will defeat the purpose too. Just keep them always 1-3 inches above knee and never go for cargo shorts ever!

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