9 Signs That You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

Sugar and everything sweet have a nostalgic effect upon us as we think about all the good celebrations, we had over a birthday cake or wedding cake, even picnics are not without the memories of a good size seed cake and what would Christmas be without the famous plum and cherry cake. Sweet and confectionary items are a way of celebrations and that’s why we crave for a tub of ice cream or chocolate bar when we are feeling down and depressed as it gives us the feeling of wellbeing and satisfaction. But excess sugar can play havoc with our bodies which start getting apparent as the youthfulness starts to decline. Here are 9 red flags which our body starts giving off from an early age among signs of eating too much sugar.

1. Muscle and joint pain

Muscle and joint pain


If you have started getting joint pain and aches in your knee even while performing your daily chores or exercise like long walks,gardening and even golfing? It is a sign that your body is giving out to you that your jointmuscles are inflamed and therefore the pain. High amount of sugar intake through various food items releases inflammatory messengers in to your body through your immune cells.

This further speeding up the advanced glycation process of end products of the body, or encourages protein bounds to glucose molecules. The more sugar you eat the more advanced glycation of end products happens in the body, which results in more inflammatory messages being sent to the blood. Such a chain reaction of bio chemicalreactions causes arthritis, cataract, heart disease, poor memory and wrinkly skin.

2. Craving sweets and other sugary foods

Craving sweets and other sugary foods


Among signs of eating too much sugar, the fact that sugar gets processed really fast in our body therefore it leaves us unsatisfied and hungry all the time. Moreover, we all know that sugar releases dopamine which is similar to an addictive drug. These dopamine hormones are famous for giving us the “sugar rush” and the neurons involved in it open the “Reward” section of our brain which makes us happy. Now logically our brain starts to associate this dopamine as a reward or a treat which increases the cravings for it. Yes, its vicious cycle and addictive too. Moreover, sweet stuff has no nutritional value and leaves us hungry and therefore makes us overeat as well.

3. Energy highs and lows

Energy highs and lows


Its common knowledge that glucose is the real source of energy in our body which lets us perform various mental and physical tasks of the day. Therefore,its crucial to keep the blood sugar level at a static level otherwise you would be human yoyo mentally the whole day. When we eat sugar laden products our pancreas releases insulin in our cells which gives us a jolt of energy. Once the cycle is exhausted, we get lethargic and depressed as our body needs that sugar jolt again.

So opt for lean protein and healthy fat, because it gets real energy for your body from standard sources besides the constant level of sugar in your body won’t cause any sort of energy spikes and dips.

4. Constant skin breakouts

Constant skin breakouts


As we have already discussed earlier, consumption of sugary food items lead to over glycation or bonding of protein molecules with sugar. Sugar or glucose, as soon as reaches the body it launches a series of complex chemical changes which may cause inflammation and skin issues. For example, over sugar levels in our blood boosts our insulin which further goes and boosts out oil glands and causes pimples, rashes and acnes.

So, if lately you are having regular skin flare ups which are not getting treated by medicines or gels try changing your diet, the whole idea being cutting down the sugar intake on your body without going to the extreme of not taking any at all.

5. Weight gain

Weight gain


Your favourite pair of jeans are now too snug on your waist or worse still you cannot wear them at all. One of the signs youre eating too much sugar, the shirts which used to look great on you are now super tight which makes it look awkward. All this is the result of having too many sweet stuffs without working it off. The irony is snacks and sugary stuff deposit their majority fats in and around the belly region. So high level of sugar increases the insulin production which further stress the excess fat in your belly region rather than anywhere else.

6. Tooth decay

Tooth decay


Eating too much sugary stuff cause cavities in the teeth and fastens the process of tooth decay. But ironically its not the sugar itself which messes your teeth but the debris of food items which remain stuck between your teeth after you are done eating. If the food is not digested properly and teeth are no brushed, the debris can cause plaque which is nothing but the destruction of protective hard enamel of the teeth and resulting in tiny holes. In fact, bubble gums, sticky toffees or candies gets attached to nooks and crevices of your teeth and creates major problems. Therefore, oral hygiene should be in your top list after eating meals especially desserts.

7. A high sugar tolerance

A high sugar tolerance


When you regularly eat a lot of sweet stuff on a daily basis our taste buds get used to it and stop responding to the regular levels of sweetness making us crave for more sugary stuff. Excess of sugary goodies and drinks dulls are natural taste palate. Cut down on over sweet stuff such as refined sugar and syrupy liquids and colas and switch to well-balanced diet of fruits and vegetables instead.

8. Frequent colds and flu

Frequent colds and flu


Eating too much sugar weaken s our immunity from any sort of bacterial or viral infections. Therefore, we end up being sick, feverish most of the time. The vitamin C which our body needs is similar to glucose in its structure, so instead for looking for Vitamin C and working with it to fight the infection the immune system bonds with glucose which has no defensive characteristics and the immune cells have to fight alone and suffer for it.

Eat more fruits and vegetable which will be handy when it comes to fight against viral and bacterial infections.

9. Feeling bloated

Feeling bloated


Feeling bloated is one of the signs you’re eatin too much sugar or having a belly aches and other uncomfortable sensations after eating a heavy meal is common these days. The feeling of being bloated is directly related to what we eat and digest in which sugar has a big role to play. If the small intestine badly absorbs the sugar from the blood, they end up being in the large intestine which creates gas.

How much sugar is too much?

How much sugar is too much


Less than 10% of your daily energy take should be from sugar sources according to WHO recommendations. This 10 percent of daily sugar equates to 7 tsp of added sugar, sugar is no doubt great to taste and addictive but its detrimental to our health as well.

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