9 Major Nutritional Mistakes That Make You Gain Weight

here are 9 nutritional mistakes that we often make during a weight loss routine that prevents us losing weight effectively.

According to the most recent Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) data, adult obesity rates now exceed 35% in nine states, 30% in 31 states and 25% in 48 states. Obesity is clearly an epidemic and everyone afflicted is trying to escape it. But, the biggest problem is that in our urgency to try and shed those unwanted pounds; we can make many mistakes either by wrong information of poor understanding of diets. Overzealousness and misinformation are the two biggest reasons for those trying to lose weight. You may tend to eat the wrong things or do the wrong exercises and even adopt the wrong habits. To help people stop such a problem, here are the most common nutritional mistakes that make you fat.

1. You keep thinking that all calories are equal, they are not.

You keep thinking that all calories are equal, they are not.


What many don’t know among nutritional mistakes is that there are both bad and good calories. Vegetables also contain calories and these types of calories are good for our body. The calories you consume when you eat those large burgers, fries, and hotdogs or cakes are the dangerous ones. The amount of insulin that the body releases depends on what type of calories you eat rather than the quantity of calories you eat. Thus you need to make wise food choices and dump the junk food altogether.

2. Choosing only low-fat or diet food

Choosing only low-fat or diet food


Here again fats form foods isn’t always unhealthy. Many people trying to lose weight think that to do so one must eat a diet totally devoid of fat and that such processed low fat foods are good. But that’s wrong. There are many foods that are being marketed as healthy which contain sugar to enhance taste. Such types of low fat foods make you hungrier and you ultimately eat more than usual.

What you also need to remember, is the fact that there are healthy fats like omega 3 fatty acids termed as monounsaturated fat or polyunsaturated fat that are essential for your body. They help you reduce cholesterol and even regulate weight gain. Nutritionists recommend a combination of healthy foods that balance out the macros of protein, carbs, fiber and fat. Avoid processed food products or keep them at a minimum.

3. Not eating enough protein

Not eating enough protein


If you want to lose weight, your body needs protein. A protein rich diet will improve metabolism, decrease appetite and will also improve the working of your hormones that regulate fat. Protein also protects the muscle tissue while you lose weight. According to a study, a diet containing 0.6-0.8 grams of protein per pound can help control appetite. It also improves the composition of your body.

4. Lacking fiber in your diet

Lacking fiber in your diet


This is one of the biggest nutritional mistakes because fiber in your meals keeps you satiated and helps decrease appetite. Fiber is necessary for weight loss because it ensures fewer calories are absorbed in the body from various foods. Various studies also show that increasing fiber consumption can make your body absorb 130 fewer calories than usual. You can increase fiber in your body by making dietary changes such as changing from white bread to whole grain bread.

5. Eating too often, even if you are not hungry

Eating too often, even if you are not hungry


The common advice nowadays for weight loss is to eat smaller portions several times a day instead of eating the usual 3 large meals. This has been found to be wrong. The key to losing weight is to eat only when you feel hungry. Mealtimes have become more a psychological need rather than a physiological one. Eating several times even if it is a small quantity can make you unknowingly consume more calories than ever.

6. Following the advice about never skipping breakfast

Following the advice about never skipping breakfast


Another common advice that has been always advocated for ages is that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and one you should never skip. The problem is that advice doesn’t take into account one’s appetite and the advice has been found to be false. One study found that when people skipped breakfast, they consumed more calories at lunch but during the span of the entire day, it was found that those people who skipped breakfast ate 408 fewer calories on an average.

7. Drinking packaged fruit juice

Drinking packaged fruit juice


Given the fact that people who try to lose weight do give up carbonated and sugary drinks but what they don’t do is give up packaged fruit juices as well. Packaged fruit juices contain huge amounts of sugar that can totally throw your weight loss plans out of sync. The next time you reach for that packaged fruit juice, read the sugar content. Some contain no less than 36 Gms of sugar in a 12 oz pack. That is more than what you would find in soda of the same quantity.

8. Not eating whole, single-ingredient foods

Not eating whole, single-ingredient foods


Processed foods are the most dangerous foods for weight gain. The current obesity epidemic can easily be blamed on an increase in the consumption of processed foods. You would be doing your body a favour by eating wholesome foods simply because you don’t tend to overeat them because of their limiting factor.

9. Eating a lot and not including fresh fruits in your diet.

Not eating whole, single-ingredient foods


Among nutritional mistakes, by overeating and not including fruits in your diet are a very unhealthy thing to do. It can make your weight loss effort a distant dream. If you want to lose weight faster, start consuming fruits like pears, apples, watermelons and grapefruit. When shopping for groceries, purchase those foods that can be eaten fresh. Don’t stock your fridge with useless items because then you feel compelled to eat them ending up eating more than usual.

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