7 Best places to see in Scotland That are almost Picture Perfect

Here are some beautiful places to see in Scotland if you are planning to visit it in the future. There are many beautiful places to see in Scotland. The land is renowned for its mesmerizing mountains and valleys, lush green finely curving hills, thick forests and dreamy fields with rugged coasts. Its geographical position places it in north-western Europe, sharing its southern border with England, making it the second biggest constituent nation of the UK. Travelling to Scotland can be done via flight to its various international airports.



Other travelling options include trains, cars, and buses from England or even ferry cruises from Northern Ireland and other nations of Europe, that are close to Scotland. There are many luxury hotels and budget hotels, inns, hostels etc. available within the major cities of Scotland. However, towards the rural areas, lodges and bed & breakfasts are more common.



Scotland is a popular tourist destination with numerous historical attractions and top sights in Scotland to its credit. From pre-historic times to the late medieval period, Scotland has a site or more for each period in history. Here are some excellent places to see in Scotland.

1 Loch Ness



The world famous lake or loch as it is called in Scotland that inspired the famous tale of the Loch Ness Monster. A mythical dinosaur-looking creature (possibly a surviving plesiosaurus) that was supposed to have been sighted in Loch Ness, hence the name Loch Ness Monster. Many locals and passers-by have also claimed to have seen this creature on certain occasions, when they were around the loch. The loch stretching 23 miles from Fort William in the West to Inverness in the north has now become a tourist hotspot. Being the home of the monster many people from around the world are attracted to its somewhat mystical atmosphere to see whether or not they are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this legendary beast.

2 The Scottish Highlands



Among beautiful places to see in Scotland, The Scottish Highlands is one of country’s most historic places, revered as the land of the Gaels. Presently it is a sparsely populated area shrouded in mountain ranges, featuring the highest mountain in the British Isles, Mt. Ben Nevis.



It also features the Great Glen or Glen More, a huge geological fault/valley stretching out 62 miles from Inverness at Moray Firth to Fort William near Loch Linnhe. In these highlands you will also find the remnants of traditional Gaelic croft houses. Among the best sights of Scotland, it

is a great place for hiking, camping, and exploring the beauty of nature.

3 The Rosslyn Chapel



By far one of the best sights of Scotland located in the village of Roslin, Midlothian, the catholic collegiate Rosslyn Chapel is situated atop a small hill over Roslin Glen. This 15th century chapel has piqued the interest of many theologians with speculations of it having a connection with the Knights Templar, the Freemasons and the Holy Chalice or Holy Grail. It was also featured in Dan Brown’s most famous novel “The Da Vinci Code” of 2003 and also premiered in the movie adaptation of the novel in 2006.

4 Glasgow



Scotland’s biggest city and since historical times has been the country’s most important industrial center. Glasgow was awarded the title of UNESCO City of Music and has joined the UNESCO Creative Cities initiative. It is a prominently visited city in the British Isles, since it is close to the Scottish Highlands and other islands. It features many best Glasgow sights such as the best city center and shopping areas outside London and has a good many museums and parks to visit free of cost.

5 Melrose Abbey



As one of the beautiful places to see in Scotland, Melrose Abbey also known as St. Mary’s Abbey is located within the Scottish Borders of Roxburghshire. A partially ruined monastery of the Cistercian Order in Melrose, it is a historical site dating back to around 1136. It bears features of Gothic architecture being decorated with sculptures of gargoyles, plants, dragons and Saints.



One of its structure’s that remained intact is now preserved and well maintained as a museum for the public. The Abbey is also where many Scottish nobles and monarchs are buried and is said to contain the embalmed heart of the Famous Scottish King Robert the Bruce.

6 Blair Drummond Safari Park



If you’re looking to enjoy some wildlife among top sights in Scotland, then Blair Drummond Safari Park is the one of the best possible venues for your entertainment. It is a zoo and Safari Park combined, consisting of native and exotic, rare and endangered species of animals from Scotland and around the world.



This Safari park being more than 120 acres in overall area is located close to Stirling and provides bus safaris that are free for visitors, boat safaris and drive-through reserves.

7 Stirling Castle



The Historical castle of Stirling is “The Most important” castle in Scotland. Amongst the largest of Scottish castles, it is famous for its magnificent architecture and surrounding natural landscape. Situated in Stirling, it remains atop the intrusive crag called Castle Hill, which is a part of the geological formation known as the Stirling Sill. Surrounded by three cliffs, this medieval 14th century fortress is an integral piece of Scottish history since it has seen the coronation of many Kings and Queens, one such being Mary the Queen of Scots.



With its capital city being Edinburgh, Scotland has a lot many island provinces in the cold waters of the North Sea in the east and the North Atlantic Ocean in the west and north. Over 700 small islands lie in groups near Scotland like the Inner & Outer Hebrides, and the Orkney & Shetland Islands. Other than its beguiling highlands and the famed musical bagpipes, Scotland’s lowlands are also quite the astonishing backdrop.

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