13 Celebrities Who Took Their Weight Under Control (50 Cent was most impressive)

Celebrities and Hollywood actors have always been the guiding lights for all the young people all across the world from time the silver screen hit the theatres. From the silent movies till the most recent hair cut by Taylor swift, every dress, style, make up style and even the physical appearance is emulated by the millions all over the world.Their near perfect beauty and skin tone makes us envious as well as motivated to strive to look like them, because they define what’s the best and most alluring for the eyes.

But surprisingly these great stars themselves were not always gifted by the stunning looks and figures by birth and they had to work really hard to look their finest, have the perfect skin, teeth and even hair to look glamorous including losing weight not only for us but for their own careers.Here are some great Celebrities who lost weight and look incredible now.

1. Adele



Adele is among celebrities who lost weight a lot. When Adele the powerful vocalist burst into the popular scene she was trolled mercilessly for her weight. Its ironical her talent as singer was undermined by the way she looked. Since then she has lost oodles of weight but her reason for this has always been for her own happiness and wellbeing and not to conform to the ridiculous beauty standards of the world.

2. Mama June

Mama June


Mama June from the reality TV of lifestyle show was most of the time the butt of jokes and ridicule because of her originality of personality and weight. As the show Here comes Honey Boo Boo got more popular, she started making public appearances which made the matter worse for her as she was at home mom before this and never needed to worry about her looks. She has reportedly lost 300 lb of weight and undergone gastric sleeve surgery and follows strict dietary regimen and exercise schedule to remain in shape.

3. Rebel Wilson


Among celebrities who lost weight, she is a gifted actress and comedian who started the process of losing her weight from 2016 onwards since then she has lost around 33 lbs, she gives the credit to the physical training she goes through for this weight loss.

4. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne


As teen punk rock singer Kelly Osbourne was known for her funky hairstyle, pixie cuts and plump but cute face with gothic eye makeup. But as she grew up into a more mature singer and artiste her style went a complete transformation which was not possible without losing those baby fats. Since 2009she has been among celebrities who lost weight after her participation in Dancing with the stars she lost 70lb all thanks to her dance partner who introduced her to a heathier dietary and exercise regime.

5. Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks


This great singer from American idol fame lost nearly 50 lbs in 2012. Her quest for being heathier made her starts calorie counting, take long daily walks and hire a personal trainer for her body suitable exercises to bring her in a great shape.

6. Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis


Funny man Zack Galifianakis of Hangover fame has lost oodles of weight and looks completely different now. His weight issues were mostly related to alcoholic habits and once he gave that up things started changing for the good which we can all see for sure.

7. Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian


As one of the celebrities who lost weight, well Khloe always had stiff competition in the looks department in her household itself. She has bunch of gorgeous sisters and even her mom is super-hot. This does take a toll on your self-esteem until she decided to take her weight issues under control. Always considered the chubby one in the family she changed the course of her life after her very public break up with her husband. She lost 40 lb and even started her own weight loss show interestingly named “Revenge Body”.

8. John Goodman

John Goodman


This great Hollywood veteran weighted 400lbs which obviously caused a lot health issues till the time he decided to take his lifestyle under his own control. Since 2015 the actor has lost over 100lbs. he did this by consciously eating healthy and controlled diet at a strict time schedule.

9. Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson


Although this great singer and actress has busy schedule which does not leave much time for her to exercise or hit the gym in a regular basis, but she did lose 80 lbs since 2010 and she accomplished by strictly controlling her diet and amount.

10. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera


Christina started putting on a lot of weight after she became a mom. This super talented singer started off strict diet and training regimen to get her pre pregnancy figure which she was famous for when she first burst upon the world at large with her hit Genie in the bottle.

11. Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy


The super famous Melissa McCarthy claims that her body is always a “work in progress”. She has successfully lost 75 lbs and continues her strict diet watching. Heathy lifestyle is her mantra and she hit the bed at 7:30 pm every day.

12. Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel


As one of the celebrities who lost weight, the famous talk show host weighed 200lbs and decided that its time to change things in life. He started to work out more and counted calories and also fasted intermittently. No wonder he lost 25 lbs so fast.

13. 50 Cent

50 Cent


50 cents was always super athletic and fit but he lost all his body mass and weight to look super skinny for a movie “All things fall Apart”, in which he playing the role of football player who has cancer and boy has he made that transformation real!

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