12 Things Never To Do Before A Job Interview To Prevent That Position Slipping Away

It had been established by experts that all it takes is 1/10th of a second to make or form an impression about or on someone. And if that time gap is for a job interview than it is a ridiculously small time to make a positive impression on someone who is going to hire you. You may do all your homework regarding the interview and be mentally prepared for all sorts of possible scenarios but when the actual moment comes, we end up making common interview mistakes that may cost us a job.

Mistake No 1: Using perfumes with strong smells (even if you like them)

Mistake No 1: Using perfumes with strong smells (even if you like them)


Entering the room with a strong stench (ok fragrance of your favourite perfume) might give you the confidence but its is assaulting the nasal faculties of your recruiters and if they are averse to strong odours they would logically shorten the interaction with you and look forward for you to leave the room with your smell. In fact, it can be the smell of cigarettes or sweat even. Too much strong smell in a controlled environment can make the other person nauseous.Also please do not eat anything strong with pungent odour like pasta with garlic and onions. Stayaway from smelly fish or rich tangy sauce or gravy or even boiled egg.

Mistake No 2: Watching TV the night before

Watching TV the night before


The night before your big interview should be free of computer games, movies on HD tv or even on laptop, stay away from kindle devices too. Your mind needs to detoxify to calm and be fresh in the morning. If you have trouble sleeping and need a distraction its better you speak to your friend or your closest family member or best is to relax with a cup of warm milk and a classic literature. A full and heathy bout of sleep will erase all the exhaustion from your faces and no bags under your eyes or dark rings will automatically make you look younger and sharper for the interview.

Mistake No 3: Trying to charm an HR rep

Trying to charm an HR rep


Yes, do not flirt with that cute HR officer or the hunky HR rep before your actual interview as it would backfire at you big time. Flirting with the HR rep is the worst possible mistake you can make at someone else’s office.

When waiting for your chance for the interview, your small chat with other candidates should not be about their marital status or fixing up a date after the interviews are done with etc. This would show the recruiter that job is not of any priority to you, but getting hitched to one of the staff or candidates is.

Mistake No 4: Discussing personal topics and telling the story of your life

Discussing personal topics and telling the story of your life


Among interview mistakes, while waiting with other candidates or being inside the room with the recruiters you should always radiate friendliness. But do not overdo it, please do not bore the fellow candidates or recruiters about your family and their problems or your sob stories or how badly you need this job as this can all be seen as a way of manipulation which is not a good sign. Remain pleasant but professional and answer relevant questions with relevant answers only. Your preciseness would be appreciated.

Mistake No 5: Not taking a bottle of water or juice with you

Not taking a bottle of water or juice with you


Always carry a small bottle of water or juice while you’re on your way for an interview or waiting for your turn. Usually the nerves get the better of you and your skin and lips starts to dehydrate. Getting inside the room with parched lips and pale face gives a false impression of un healthiness about you which might put people off. drink water before you enter the interview so as to not distract then in the middle of conversation. Plus, hydrated lips and face makes you look fresh and rejuvenated.

Mistake No 6: Letting your emotions get the better of you and sweating like you are in a sauna

Letting your emotions get the better of you and sweating like you are in a sauna


Ok you are nervous but if you keep feeling this scared you would be paralysing yourself mentally and physically and would be dismissed before even getting a proper shot at the interview. Also some people start sweating when under stress and it shows as they have wet palms (bad for hand shake) , sweat dripping from the hair line or sweat patches on clothes which will definitely be noticed so tackle this situation by drinking cold water or sit underneath a fan or air cooler to lower your body temperature and your brains.

Mistake No 7: Using an unprofessional e-mail or nickname

Using an unprofessional e-mail or nickname


You are an adult looking for a job which would be a starting point or a next big step for your career, not a teenager trying to impress someone by showing how much of a Star Wars fan you are by having character names on your email ids. For any sort of correspondence which is professional your email id should have your proper name and NOT nicknames given to you by your granny or your school football team mates. Getting a job application with a funny email id will get it dismissed immediately as it would give a wrong impression of you not being serious enough for the job which is completely wrong.

Mistake No 8: Using a word that makes you the weakest candidate

Using a word that makes you the weakest candidate


Terms such as “excuse me” is polite but using it repetitively during an interview puts you in weaker position as a candidate as compared to the others as they are perceived more confidant then you are .Another word to be avoided is “just”, it could be “can I just ask you one thing please?” or may I just clear out this doubt please”. This may seem polite to you but it gives a sense of being apologetic about asking something legit questions which the recruiter would expect you to ask. So do not be in grovelling mode when you have done nothing wrong at all.

Mistake No 9: Drinking beverages with caffeine shortly before the interview

Drinking beverages with caffeine shortly before the interview


Drinking caffeine rich drinks like coffee or sodas can give you sugar or caffeine rush at a wrong time. You must be picture calm and smoothness in front of your recruiters and not a playground of adrenaline running amok your system, and trust me it would show. Your palms would be sweaty, and cause your hands to shake. Moreover, coffee has laxative and diuretic components that can be a real problem.

Mistake No 10: Not proofreading your CV before sending it

Not proofreading your CV before sending it


Among interview mistakes, the most competent and experienced people can make slight grammar errors or typographical mistakes in their CV,s . It’s understandable and excusable mistake in most of the corporate industry. But what is not permissible is your last-minute corrections and as result highlighting the mistakes just before the CV leaves your hands and enter the room with recruiters. This will create an impression of being careless and hasty person and again you are judged wrongly before you could even enter the room.

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