12 Bathroom Habits That Could Be Wrecking Your Health

A toilet bowl in an ordinary bathroom, alone contains 3.2 million bacteria and if we aren’t careful with our actions these germs can spread everywhere without us even realizing it. This can cause us to get an infection, acne, or even an upset stomach. So, here are 12 bathroom habits which could be dangerous for our health:

1. Shaving your bikini area

Having hair in our bikini area is natural. These hairs contain pheromones which attract the opposite gender and they even protect you from foreign bacteria. Shaving that area can damage your skin a lot too.

What to do instead:

Use special shaving equipment which is exclusively for women if you prefer to have your body totally clean down there. For example, a women’s razor and shaving cream for intimate hygiene. However, you shouldn’t use soap as it will not be suitable for your sensitive skin.

Waxing is another better option for removing your hair from down there. If you opt to wax down there, then have a specialist do it for you as you shouldn’t do it yourself.

Shaving your bikini area


2. Using a loofah

Among bathroom habits, using a loofah when it is new is alright because it helps in scrubbing your dead skin cells off. But, the skin cells get stuck in the sponge and remain there. You normally leave the loofah in bathroom after using it for your bath, which is when bacteria tend to cultivate.

Bacteria continues to grow each time you leave the loofah after washing, and the next time you use it, the germs and dirt gets back on your body.

What to do instead:

Don’t leave it in the bathroom and let it dry out. Either use reusable items like washcloths or keep replacing it frequently. Instead of using the loofah to remove your dead skin cells, you can exfoliate your skin twice a week.

Using a loofah


3. Missing some spots when washing your body in the shower

When your body is clean it is protected from bacteria and acne. But, your entire body should be clean, and that includes your back which is often skipped while washing in the shower. Other areas that are skipped include the bottom of your feet, behind your ears and the scalp.

What to do instead:

Get special brushes to help with cleaning these parts so that you don’t skip out on them anymore.

Missing some spots when washing your body in the shower


4. Leaving your toothbrush on the counter

At home, the cleanest area is not the bathroom because of the amount of bacteria present there. While nobody would like their toothbrushes attacked by germs, there are many counters which are located close to a toilet. This in itself is a risk zone.

What to do instead:

Keep your toothbrush at a safe distance away from the toilet and change your toothbrush every three months.

Leaving your toothbrush on the counter


5. Taking gadgets in to the bathroom

As one of the common bathroom habits, these days almost all of us take our gadgets along with us into the bathroom. While we wash our hands after using the toilet, we do not wash our phones, and we might take the same phone to our lunch table.

What to do instead:

Keeping a game in the bathroom is a good way to keep yourself from getting bored. Try, keeping a Rubik’s cube, but remember to wash it.

Taking gadgets in to the bathroom


6. Using a towel for your face

It doesn’t matter if you keep a special towel for your face because each timey you use the same towel to dry your face and then leave it wet it becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This can be especially dangerous for people with skin problems.

What to do instead:

Instead of having just one or two towels for your face, use disposable ones which you wouldn’t have to wash after using. This will also keep your skin clean and safe from germs.

Using a towel for your face


7. Leaving wet towels hanging in the bathroom

The bacteria and humidity in the bathroom makes it the worst place to leave your towel. Hanging your towel in the bathroom after drying yourself is by no means a good idea.

What to do instead:

Dry your wet towel out in a fresh spot, possibly out in the sun. Change your towel after each time after bathing and never use a damp towel to dry yourself.

Leaving wet towels hanging in the bathroom


8. Sitting on the toilet longer than 15 minutes

We sometimes, end up sitting on the toilet for longer than we intend to because we got engrossed in reading a book or playing a game. Researchers have stated that this is a very unhealthy habit, as it puts extra pressure on the veins which then produce hemorrhoids which can lead to bleeding.

What to do instead:

Only use your toilet when you have a real need for it and try not to take any gadgets or books in with you which will keep you pre-occupied.

Sitting on the toilet longer than 15 minutes


9. Flushing the toilet while the lid is up

Among bathroom habits, when you flush the toilet, the small particles of waste get mixed with the swirling water and are then sprayed into the air. This can be prevented if the lid is down closing off the exit. Therefore you should always keep the lid down to prevent the germs from getting into your sink, toothbrush, and towel.

What to do instead:

Remember to close the lid when you are done using the toilet, and if you have trouble remembering, put a sticker on the wall or on the mirror in your bathroom to remind yourself about it.

Flushing the toilet while the lid is up


10. Putting your hair on top of your head when you shampoo

When you comb your hair and it gets tangled even though you used a conditioner, then it is because you are not washing your hair properly. This can easily be fixed if you pay attention to when you pile your wet hair on top of your head after shampooing.

What to do instead:

When you shampoo your hair leave it in whatever way it naturally falls, and massage your scalp but not the rest of your hair.

Putting your hair on top of your head when you shampoo


11. Not washing your hands after urinating

If you do not wash your hands after urinating, it can lead to bacteria and toxins which were flushed out of your body to re-enter your body again via your hands. This can result in sickness and disease.

What to do:

Always wash your hands after urinating because this helps in washing off the microscopic viruses, germs, and bacteria which could affect your health.

Not washing your hands after urinating


12. Not cleaning your shower curtain

Letting your shower curtain get mildew and gross with a literally millions of black spots which could be mold spores is extremely unhygienic and could be passed off as a fungal infestation. As among bathroom habits, these can form on your shower curtain if you leave it damp and scrunched up on one side.

What to do:

Not cleaning your shower curtain


Always draw the curtain across and let it dry when you are done using the shower. Clean it out once in a while or when you notice it’s getting dirty. If it gets to dirty either bleach it or replace it.

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