12 Amazing and Interesting Cute Animal Facts That Will Surprise You

Take a look at these amazing animal facts that show us how endearing and loving animals really are.

The world of nature is a vast one where there are innumerous things about the world and animals that we are yet to learn. Besides cute kitties and cute puppies, there are also several cute facts about other animals that you could never have even guessed or known about. Here are 12 cute facts about animals that will truly warm your heart

1 Cats don’t think of us as humans. We are equals to them like other cats



They may be nudging you at night or snuggling up against you, brushing their bodies against you and doing what you may be regarding as cat things. But what you don’t know is the fact that they are most probably greeting you and regarding you as a member of the cat family and to cats, humans could be regarded as big ugly and clumsy cats.

2 Sea otters hold hands while they’re sleeping so that they don’t drift apart



This is one of the cutest facts about animals where it shows how caring and considerate otters are about each other. Perhaps it’s their instinct as well to be protective and practical too.

3 Tiger populations are on the rise



Yes, India reported a 33% rise in the population from 2014 to 2019 as per a census done in the country by the Forest department. The tiger population in India alone has increased from 2,226 in 2014 to 2,967 in 2019.

4 Dogs sneeze when play fighting to show they are playing and don’t wish to hurt you



Dogs are gentler than cats and when they are playing or play biting your hand, they will never bite you or real and will actually sneeze sometimes to show they are just playing and you don’t need to be afraid.

5 When a baby elephant is born, other mothers in the group will trumpet to celebrate thebaby’s arrival



Elephants too are endearing creatures and very sociable among themselves. In both happiness and grief, they always comfort each other. This is why they stay very close knit in family groups and even though the male may leave the group, females stay together and are always there for new births of calfs.

6 Cows have “best friends” and are happier when they’re with them



Bet you didn’t know this one where one study in Northampton University found that cows shared a social bond between pairs that they make with other cows. Their heart rates are reduced and they are calmer and relaxed when penned in the presence of their friend.

7 The minefield that is a penguin sanctuary



Among cute animal facts, this seems out of place but it is amazing. There is an abandoned minefield on the Falklands Islands created during the Falklands conflict in 1982 when Argentina occupied the British own Falkland Islands. The mines actually keep poachers at a distance and are safe for Magellanic penguins because they are too small to set them off. Imagine that.

8 An otter will find a pebble as a juvenile and keep it for their whole life



How cute is that. Otters too are little hoarders and if they find a pebble when they are little, they will actually hang on to the pebble for life. They will keep the pebble in the pocket that is naturally formed by the folds of the skin on their armpits.

9 Pandas are no longer considered an endangered species



So there is hope for our world still. In the latest panda surveys, it was reported that the number of wild pandas in China has increased by 750. Moreover, one of the best paying jobs is being a panda caretaker where one can earn an average salary of 32.5k

10 Dogs can tell when you are about to arrive home and can tell by by how much of your scent is left in the house



Among amazing cute animal facts, have you ever wondered that your dog can sense when you are coming home and will start barking even when you have just entered the driveway. Your dog will linger by the door and start ti look outside the window before the human can reach home because they have the ability to smell how much if your scent has deteriorated when you’re gone.

11 Dolphin mothers actually sing to their babies in the womb



As per a study at the Southern Mississippi, dolphin moms make a signature whistle for the benefit of their calf when it is still in the womb. This whistle acts like a name for the mom so that both mom and calf can easily find each other once it is born. After birth, the other dolphins will also help the calf to learn and use the right whistle.

12 Dogs appearing in movies have to have CGI tails because they wag too much duringscenes



Among cute animal facts, this is perhaps really funny and this occurred when filming for the Chronicles of Narnia Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The digs were too happy and kept wagging their tails and did not look menacing enough. They most probably were too excited with so many humans around. The same incidents were reported when filming for White Fang, and Game of Thrones.

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