11 Signs That Mean Your Kidneys Aren’t Functioning Like They Should

Today several million Americans may be living with kidney disease even without them knowing it. There are a number of signs of kidney disease that can easily be attributed to other conditions making neglect worsen the condition. Moreover CKD or chronic kidney disease usually shows up symptoms in later stages when there are large amounts of protein in urine. According to Kidney.org, the best way to know if you have kidney disease is go for a kidney function test. High blood pressure, diabetes and a family history of kidney issues puts you at risk of kidney disease. Here are 10 signs of kidney disease that mean your kidneys are not functioning well.

1. Fatigue and tiredness

Fatigue and tiredness


Severe reduction in kidney function increases toxins and impurities in the blood and this leads to people feeling tired, fatigued and weak. It could also lead to poor concentration. Anemia is another complication in chronic kidney disease that causes fatigue and weakness.

2. You experience insomnia

You experience insomnia


In kidney disease, toxins remaining in the blood instead of passing out in the urines because the kidneys aren’t filtering your blood properly can make it difficult for you to sleep. There is a connection between obesity and kidney disease. Sleep apnea could also be a common occurrence in those with kidney disease.

3. Dry itchy skin

Dry itchy skin


Dry and itchy skin is one of the signs of kidney disease. When your kidneys are healthy, they remove waste and extra fluid from your body and also contribute to red blood cell production. They keep your bones strong and regulate the mineral levels in your blood. Dry itchy skin can be a sign of bone and mineral disease that also occurs in advanced stages of kidney disease. This is because the kidneys do not regulate nutrients and minerals and keep a proper balance of them in the blood.

4. Frequent urination

Frequent urination


Nocturia or frequent urge to urinate at night could be one of the signs of kidney disease. Damaged kidney filters create a frequent urge to urinate however this could also be a sign of overactive bladder, urinary tract infection or enlarged prostate in men.

5. Blood in the urine.

Blood in the urine.


When filtering toxins and waste from the body to create urine, healthy kidneys will keep the blood cells in the body. Damaged kidney filters allow blood to leak out into the urine. Besides this being a sign of kidney disease, this could also be sign of kidney stones, tumors or kidney infection.

6. Foamy Urine

Foamy Urine


If you have urine that is foamy or notice bubbles in it that also needs extra flushing before they go away, that is a sign of excess protein in the urine. The foam is mostly albumin and will have the look of scrambled egg white as albumin is also found in eggs

7. Puffy eyes

Puffy eyes


If you find your eyes are always puffy, it is because of protein leaking into urine as the kidneys are unable to keep it in your body due to damaged kidney filters. This is one of the early signs of kidney disease.

8. Swollen feet and ankles

Swollen feet and ankles


Reduced kidney function causes sodium retention in the body leading also to fluid retention. As a result, this causes swollen ankles and feet. Sometimes swelling in the extremities is an indication of congestive heart failure.

9. Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite


Poor appetite is a general symptom in several conditions but it is also one of the signs of kidney disease. This is because of a buildup of toxins in the body due to the decrease in kidney function. Chronic kidney disease usually causes lack of appetite.

10. Muscle cramps

Muscle cramps


Impaired kidney function and CKD can cause a misbalance of electrolytes in the body such as low levels of calcium and unregulated levels of phosphorous. Both can cause muscle cramps in the body.

11. Metallic taste in the mouth

Metallic taste in the mouth


A buildup of toxins in the mouth can change the taste of your food and create a metallic taste in your mouth. When you have bad breath, this is also a sign of toxin build up and signs of a contaminated bloodstream. In such case, you may stop liking meat and experience appetite loss in general and that will lead to weight loss. There are other conditions that may make food taste metallic in your mouth such as poor oral hygiene or allergies and this should go away after treatment. if it continues, it could be among signs of kidney disease so consult a doctor.

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