10 Things Happy Couples Do To Make Their Relationship Stronger Every Night

10 things happy couples do before they go to sleep to ensure their relationship is a string and loving one. It is easy to fall in love but to maintain a relationship isn’t all that easy and it takes a lot of work. But, once you are in the routine of a healthy relationship, your efforts cease to be efforts; instead, they make you feel good because true happiness is in the giving. It doesn’t mean that you should always give in a relationship and never get anything back, it doesn’t work that way. But with two likeminded adults giving both ways is recipe for a successful relationship. That being said, here are 10 things happy couples do to strengthen their relationship every night

1 They recap memories and relive funny incidents shared in the past



One study in 2006 found that couples who started reminiscing about their past and especially about memorable incidents and funny events displayed higher levels of satisfaction in the relationship. It showed that couples who laugh together and demonstrated humor during the day were the main reasons for satisfaction in the marriage.

2 They make Bedtime preparation into a ritual



There are common things that most people do before retiring to bed such as brushing teeth getting into pyjamas, taking out clothes for the next morning or having a shower. Happy couples on the other hand will induce meaning into these simple activities by doing one or two of them at the same time to the point of looking forward to such things as opportunities to be together in a meaningful moment. Such self-care rituals are important for a happy relationship.

3 They share about their day



Sometimes even happy couples do not get time to speak to each other at all or till bedtime. There is also the question of children where dinner has to be made, laundry taken care among other things. By reaching out to your partner even for a short time before going to bed will result in a meaningful moment to look forward to everyday. It can be de-stressing to speak about your day to your partner.

4 Keep arguments out of the bedroom



The bedroom should be like the Geneva Convention or the Switzerland of a relationship where only neutral emotions should be in display. It should be a sanctuary for the relationship where healing of any emotional hurt takes place. Arguments and issues should always be resolved before going to bed to make it the safest place in the relationship.

5 Do a thoughtful deed to show the other person how much you care



In a loving relationship, you don’t need to buy each other expensive gifts or go out of your way to show your love. Rather it is the simple little things in life that are important. By doing simple small things, it means a whole lot to your partner like washing the dishes, helping in cleaning the house, making dinner for a partner, filling the humidifier, taking out the trash or just about anything that can lighten their load around the home. Such acts show how much you care.

6 Happy couples kiss and cuddle



Irrespective of physical intimacy, happy couples love to cuddle and kiss each other good night. Physical touch is necessary to keep a spark alive between couples, It is a non-verbal way ofsaying I love you.

7 Share children’s bed time rituals and take turns



This needs to depend on the work schedules of partners because that may not allow any one partner to share in putting the kids to bed. However on off days, one should take such opportunities to make a meaningful moment out of kid’s bedtimes by making it a weekly ritual if not a daily one. Also for happy couples, sharing in such things or giving a partner a break from doing so speaks volumes about compassion, understanding and sharing responsibilities.

8 Forehead Kisses



Again, these are the little things in life that speak volumes about the love for each other. A sweet kiss ion the forehead is something that is really desired and valued by a partner because it is demonstration of love, affection and a desire to make a connection.

9 Little notes



Loving and motivational notes to one another just like those sweet and mushy sms messages you would give one another in the courtship stage can do much to keep the love alive and cherished. It also shows how appreciative you are of your partner.

10 Compliment your partner



Including happy couples, everyone loves to hear a compliment now and then to feel appreciated and inspired. It boosts their self-esteem and confidence to know that they are looking good, attractive, or valued. Everyone likes being appreciated and it is the biggest gift that you can give a partner in a relationship that money cannot buy.

Every relationship is a mutual show of love and respect. At the need of the day, all your partner needs is to know how much you love and appreciate them. Costly gifts and presents do not define a loving relationship but the small things in life that show you care. Always be consistent, and reliable to become a pillar of support to your partner and always remember the words “for better or for worse” “for richer for poorer’

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