10 Mysterious Disappearances of People No One Can Explain

It’s really vexing and a bit disturbing to her about people disappearing without a trace of what happened. Such cases are seemingly rare but not unheard of. Here are 10 unique cases in history where people have gone missing and who have never been found:

1 Virginia Dare



Among mysterious disappearances, Virginia Dare was the first English child born in the Americas. She was born on the 18th of August, 1587, in Roanoke colony. Her grandfather John White, had earlier that year helped found Roanoke, but he had to leave on an extended trip, which is why he never got to see his granddaughter grow up. When he returned to Roanoke to retrieve supplies, the entire colony had vanished. Not only had every single resident of the colony disappeared but the structures as well. Till this day no one knows what really happened to Virginia and the rest of the colonists of Roanoke.

2 Owen Parfitt



While the disappearance of Amelia Earhart in 1937 was one of the most famous cases of disappearances, it wasn’t as mysterious as the disappearance of Owen Parfitt. Parfitt was said to have sister’s front porch in the English countryside in the summer of 1763. The paralyzed 60-year-old Parfitt was living with his sister in the town of Shepton Mallet when he suddenly disappeared from his disappeared. The farm workers in the field across the road from the porch where Parfitt was sitting didn’t see anyone enter or leave, and neither could Parfitt have walked off. He was there in one moment and in the next he was gone.

3 Ambrose Bierce



The well-known HBO series- True Detective was partly inspired by the stories of American author, Ambrose Bierce. In fact, Bierce himself is the subject of a real-life mystery that most likely can never be solved. When Bierce was in his 70s, he told his friends and family one day that he was going to Mexico to join the revolution of Pancho Villa, in 1913. He sent a few letters from Mexico, but soon those letters stopped and he was never seen or heard from again. While some have speculated that he might have been killed in action, others suggest that he could have committed suicide.

4 Barbara Newhall Follett



As one o the mysterious disappearances, Barbara Newhall Follett was a literary prodigy of her time, finishing her first novel at the age of eight. By the time she turned 18 she had already written 4 books. But, it was because of this that she never had a childhood. Despite her success, she fell into depression by the age of 25, and after an argument with her husband on the evening of December 7th 1939, she walked out of the house and never returned. Her body was never found nor was she seen or heard from ever again.

5 Paula Jean Welden



In December 1946, Paula Jean Welden, a sophomore at Bennington College, disappeared after she informed her roommate that she was going out for a long walk. Surprisingly, Paula’s father was at one point a suspect in this case. However, he was cleared later. A local Bennington man bragged to his friends over the next 10 years that he knew where Paula’s body was buried, but he failed to lead the police to the gravesite. Her disappearance is ranked as one of history’s strangest unsolved mysteries, as no one knows what actually happened to Paula, even till this day.

6 James Tetford



There were several unsolved disappearances which took place in Bennington in the 1940s. One of these cases included the disappearance of James Tetford’s wife. Tetford claimed that she had gone to the market but never returned. A few years later, in 1949, Tetford himself vanished without a trace. The last time he was seen, was when was sleeping in his seat on a crowded bus. But, when the bus reached Bennington, Tetford was nowhere to be seen. All of his belongings were left behind as well and he was never seen or heard from again.

7 The MV Joyita



Among missing disappearances, The MV Joyita was a merchant vessel which on October 3, 1955, departed for the Tokelau Islands. But, a month later, she was found drifting 600 miles off her course, in the South Pacific. The entire crew along with the passengers and the cargo were all missing. While some believe that the ship had been a victim of piracy, another theory suggests that the boat was sinking. When it was discovered, the boat was listing, so the theory goes that the 25 people on board abandoned ship prematurely and were lost at sea.

8 Patty Blough, Renee Bruhl, and Ann Miller



Three young women in bathing suits happily boarded a small motorboat at a Lake Michigan beach on July 2, 1966. According to crime reporter Dick Wylie, who delved deeply in the backstories of the women, it was believed that they had taken the boat to visit a floating abortion clinic. The clinic supposedly performed backroom abortions. Wylie told the New York Daily News “I believe…something went wrong with one of the procedures” The abortionists might have lost one girl, and they did away with the other two because they couldn’t leave witnesses.”

9 The Sarah Joe



Among mysterious disappearances, the Sarah Joe was a small boat which was hired by five friends to go fishing in February 1979. They departed from the coast of Maui and motored into one of Hawaii’s worst storms on record. A massive search was conducted when they never returned, but it was futile. It was a sad but unsurprising fact when it comes to maritime tragedy. However, mysteriously a decade later, the Sarah Joe was found wrecked on the coast of one of the Marshall Islands. There was a grave close by which turned out to be one of the five friends. As to how he got there or who buried him? And who could possibly explain this mystery, is still unknown.

10 Keith Reinhard



In 1987, a young man named Tom Young took his dog out for a walk near Silver Plume, Colorado, and never returned. The retail space which Tom had been renting was then rented to Keith Reinhard. Reinhard was very much intrigued by Young’s story which is why he wrote a novel based in which the main character was a composite of both himself and Young. In 1988, Young’s body was discovered by hunters with a shot to his head. It was presumed that he had committed suicide. A week after that, Reinhard himself went for a hike and never came back. Was it a conspiracy or coincidence, no one will ever know for sure.

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