10 herbs and Spices That Can Take Delicate Care Of Your Body From Head To Toe

People often prefer popping pill when they feel like they are coming down with an illness, but some like to use only herbs and spices at the starting point of any illness. Nowadays, using herbal medicine to cure diseases rather than manufactured ones has become increasingly popular worldwide. This is because natural and herbal remedies have been proven to heal as well as boost both physical and mental health. Furthermore, these herbs and spices can even be found at home. They can easily be used to treat colds and high blood pressure while some can even slow down the aging process. But, you still need to know which herbs and spices are needed to treat which symptom. So, here are 10 spices and herbs that take care of your body.

1. Garlic



Besides being used in cooking, garlic can even be used as a nutritional supplement. You can use garlic to treat the common cold and the flu. Garlic also effectively lowers blood pressure and decreases the risk of heart disease. The antioxidants in garlic are believed to help in preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia. You can get the best health benefits from crushed and chopped garlic.

2. Rosemary



Among herbs that take care of your body, the leaves of rosemary can be used as a culinary condiment to get its full beneficial properties. In fact, rosemary’s aroma alone can help in improving a person’s mood, performance, memory, and concentration. Rosemary can be used every day as it can be turned into a perfume and oil as well.

3. Chili Pepper

Chili Pepper


The components of chili peppers which make it spicy for us are known to have anti-aging effect on us. They are even effective as pain relievers for heartburn and can increase fat burning if you want to lose weight. You can chop or slice these peppers and add them to any food or you can grill and roast them, or simply eat them raw. However, remember to remove the seeds before eating them. Chili peppers have variety of health benefits, but they aren’t meant for everyone as they can trigger burning sensations in some people. Also, you should never eat them every day.

4. Ginger



You can add fresh ginger to many sweet things or you can make ginger tea or soup and drink it every day. Gingers helps in easing colds, reducing gas and inflammation, relieving pain, and improving digestion. It even helps in reliving nausea and alleviating morning sickness.

5. Parsley



Fresh parsley makes a good addition to your marinades, salad dressings, and seafood recipes. But, to enhance the flavors of your tomato sauces, soups, and stews, add dried parsley to them. Parsley is the perfect herb to treat high blood pressure. Parsley contains vitamin K which helps in strengthening your bones.

6. Peppermint



One of the herbs that take care of your body, fresh or dried peppermint leaves can add a whole lot of flavor to your teas as well as your foods. Peppermint can also be made into oil and used. If you have breathing problems or a clogged nose boil up some peppermint leaves and inhale the steam from it. It will relieve your clogged nose. Peppermint is also good for relieving headaches and migraines.

7. Cinnamon



Cinnamon sticks can be added to both tea and coffee to enhance their flavor. You can even grind these sticks into powder and put it into desserts, smoothies, pancakes, and oatmeal. This spice can be eaten daily as it helps in fighting body infections and repairing tissue damage. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can possibly reduce the risk of heart disease. Cinnamon fights against bacterial infections within your body and even protects you from cancer.

8. Chamomile



The chamomile her can be added to your everyday cereals and oatmeal besides being added to tea. You can add fresh chamomile leaves in your salads too. Chamomile tea is an effective remedy for diabetes since it helps in lowering blood sugar in the body. The tea also makes women feel less anxious during their menstrual cycle by reducing their menstrual pain.

9. Chives



Among herbs that take care of your body, Chives can be used as a topping for soups and salads or you can use them in your vegetable dips, and egg and cheese dishes. But, to ensure that the herb doesn’t get damaged, it needs to be chopped with a sharp knife. Chive contains choline and folate. Choline is nutrient which helps in inducing sleep. Chives help in relieving depression and boosting people’s moods by interfering in the production of serotonin.

10. Lavender



Lavender is commonly used in oils and moisturizers. In fact, you can mix lavender with peppermint oil, coconut oil, or tamanu oil. Lavender oil has strong healing properties which can help heal wounds faster and even heal bug bites. Its oil can also destroy antifungal-resistant infections. Lavender is also known to help with insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Furthermore, using a lavender moisturizer once or twice a week can really improve the quality of your skin.

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