10 Disneyland Etiquette Rules That all Disney Employees Must Follow

Having a job in Disneyland might seem like a dream job in which every day would be like ride in a theme park. Well it’s delightful to be able to wear costumes or play role of your favourite Disney characters but it’s also very demanding and a strict place for work. There are weird but strict rules which as employee everyone has to follow and if you can handle them right, well…the fantasy world might be the place for you after all. Here are Disney’s etiquette rules for employees.

1. The entire park’s a stage



Yes, the concept of Disneyland is that the entire theme park is a stage with every employee as a “cast member”. Even the guy who is serving you your soda and the guy picking up trash are all member of the whole cast. In fact, their website has this concept in their career section! They don’t employ you but actually they hire you as a cast member to play a role in the grand theatre of Disney.

2. Everything is Disney



Among Disney etiquette rules, the most important thing which you have to keep in mind while being in the “cast” in the park is to be submerged in your character. If you are lucky enough to portrayElsa or Minnie or Goofy,you’ll have to be completely immersed in the character and become them. You cannot talk about anything outside the characterwhich can be the latest I-phone or when a latest hit movie from different genre has hit the scenes. Hell, you can’t even talk about the great Harry Potter Park just across Orlando!

3. Height requirements



If you want to portray certain Disney characters like the famous Princess for instance well, you’ll have to be at least 5’4” to 5’8” and you are eligible to play ANY Disney princess! If you are 5’2” or shorter you can play Alice or Peter Pan or Wendy and many other myriads of characters too.

4. Looking the part



This is the part where Disney gets most fussy and strict. You cannot have long finger nails or nose piercings apart from one in your ear and have all your tattoos covered by make up or costumes. Disney wants your appearance to remain closes to its on-reel character. Women missy don “classic “style haircut and no outrageous hair colours. Even for men there are rules, there hair cannot reach their ears or the nape of their necks they are allowed to have facial hair but it should be well trimmed and manicured if you know what I mean.

5. Jewel rules



Women are allowed to wear single ring same with men as well. You can have other piercings but you have to remove them while engaged in the park. Gauges are prohibited all together and they all have to follow strict dress codes.

6. First name basis



As one of the Disney etiquette rules, everything is very friendly and casual in the Disneyland with no ceremonious designations given to any cast member no matter how senior or prestigious position held in the park. Everyone is called by their first name and a have a name tag fastened on their shirts too. This tradition was started by the creator himself, yes, he insisted that everyone should call him Walt and no Mr or miss should be added to any name. In fact, you cannot even have a different or duplicate name as there are several cast members with the same name employed all across the park. If there is a name clash one of them may be allowed to pick up a name and well use it as a character while at job!

7. What’s the point?



Yes, Disney employee have very polite and subtle way to guide you through the right directions by pointing you by using two fingers which not only is elegant but cannot be confused with any rude hand sign at all. Moreover, it is also helpful for small kids. They even use their whole hands and palms too which is very friendly.

8. Graceful garbage disposal



One cannot imagine that the “Happiest place on the planet “can be dirty or littered so every staff member has it as a duty to throw the litter in to the trash cans as soon as they spot it. But here also they do it with a difference. They use a swoosh and scoop motion to picking up the trash rather than squatting and picking it up which looks ugly in a place so elegant and full of fairies and elves.

9. They’re all-knowing



If a curious tourist asks you a question which might be a curve ball you cannot say “I Don’t Know” because these words are absolutely banned for the cast members instead you try to answerer their queries to the best of your abilities and if you need help you can ask for assistance from another cast member or a park operator till the question is answered.

10. Speaking in code



Among Disney Etiquette rules, well since the park is run amok with kids and animals there has to be “accidents” of hygiene variety. In such cases park operators can ask for assistance by calling other helper by calling them through specific codes which would be subtle and won’t gross the visitors. So, there is “Code H” for horse poop while parading or Code V for throw up incident and “Code P” or U for urine related debacles.

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