10 Common Skin Care Mistakes That Could Be Damaging Your Face

10 skincare mistakes that are common among women who you need to be careful about and here’s why.

You will find articles about skin care tips in almost every magazine you open. But, most of the same are basically the same tips that have been repeated over and over again. One reason is because most readers fail to follow the simple advice that is offered to them. So, instead of wasting money on expensive cosmetics which promise to work wonders on your skin, start from the basics first. Here are some common skincare mistakes that could be damaging your face instead of improving it:

1. Changing your cosmetics too often

Changing your cosmetics too often


Magazines will always show you endless varieties and promotions of cosmetics. But, you may already have several items at home which work just fine for you. You may feel think that your skin has adjusted to the old cosmetics and that’s why you need to get new different ones. Changing cosmetics won’t have any positive effects on your skin. It is rather futile because your skin does not adjust to skincare products. In fact, you can get an allergic reaction from a newly bought cream.

2. Using a facial scrub daily

Using a facial scrub daily


Scrubs and rough brushes are not exactly the best solution to cleansing your facial skin because using it on a daily basis can destroy your skin’s protective layer. Instead, light chemical peelings can do the same things without damaging your skin. You don’t need to get expensive procedures at beauty salons because there are many items for home use available in the market these days. These items can softly and painlessly remove all dead skin cells. Almond peeling can easily be done at home even in the summer season and there won’t be any risk of skin pigmentation.

3. You refuse to use makeup removers

You refuse to use makeup removers


Among skincare mistakes, washing off your makeup with simply water or just one cleanser, you won’t be able to remove all the dust and dirt accumulated on your skin. You risk leaving cosmetic particles on your face which can clog your skin pores leading to acne and an increase in the oil content in your skin.

It would be much better to use a makeup remover such as micellar water, or cleansing oil or balm. Unlike the varieties of cosmetic products invented to empty your wallet, these are the few which are not useless and are necessary products that will actually do good for your skin.

4. Using the same pillowcase for 2 weeks

Using the same pillowcase for 2 weeks


You can wash your hair and thoroughly cleanse your face every evening before going to bed. But, if your pillowcase stores particles of epithelium, dust, and pet hair, then after 2-3 days your pillow will have the perfect conditions to blemish your face.

Change your pillowcase once every 2 days or even try replacing your pillowcases with silk ones as it will protect your face better by preventing rashes, and premature wrinkles.

5. Not using a toner

Not using a toner


With the help of a toner the pH balance of your skin can be restored and it gets the skin ready for further procedures. A normal moisturizing cream can have a better effect when you use it along with a toner. It’s best to use a toner on your skin after a traumatizing procedure like a chemical peel.

When you include a toner in a set of necessary beauty products, you will be able to avoid various skin problems like rashes, dryness, and irritation. However, you must find a toner which doesn’t contain alcohol because it will have the exact opposite effect on your skin.

6. Removing oily shine with powder

Removing oily shine with powder


The fact is that your face will shine 24/7, but this could really be an issue in summer. In summer, almost all of us depend on the help of face powder to get rid of the shine. Even, with powder the skin matte cannot be maintained for long, especially if it’s very hot outside, and your pores will get clogged no matter what.

Use matting wipes instead of trying to disguise the oily shine with powder. Of course your face will get oily again, but they can still remove the excess oil from the face without just hiding it beneath a layer of powder.

7. Correcting your eyebrows before you apply your makeup

Correcting your eyebrows before you apply your makeup


Among skin care mistakes, in case you notice any extra hairs in the brow area or above your upper lip, don’t try to remove them before evening. Plucking them out will make the redness or inflammation on your skin visible to everyone, while not many will notice them there if you don’t pluck them. Regardless, of how much makeup foundation you use to try and conceal the redness it will still be fairly visible. If you want to correct your eyebrows then wait 2 hours before applying any kind of cream or decorative cosmetics to the treated area.

8. Washing your face before showering

Washing your face before showering


You can wash your face whenever you feel like, but it’s always good to wash it with a small amount of a cleanser once after taking a shower. While hair products always contain parabens, silicones, and other chemicals that make the hair soft and smooth, these are not useful for the face.

If you let them remain on your skin, it can cause redness and irritation or make your acne worse. Removing your makeup before taking a shower and conducting a final wash of your face after washing your hair is the safest way to protect your facial skin.

9. Not applying skincare products before going to bed

Not applying skincare products before going to bed


Once you remove your makeup from your face, you won’t want to have anything on your face at all. Although, your skin does restore naturally on its own, it can restore better if you apply a serum, a mask, or a night cream. These products contain active substances which help in freshening up the look on your face by neutralizing the effect of the decorative cosmetics which you had on the entire day.

10. Not using SPF products on cloudy days

Not using SPF products on cloudy days


As one o he skincare mistakes,people have started to use an SPF product even in the city and not only at the beach to protect themselves from the sun’s rays. But, they still forget to wear it on cloudy days.

Even in cold Scandinavian countries, harmful ultraviolet radiation is still very much present. Thus, you need to protect your skin at all times. If it’s cloudy outside, you don’t necessarily have to use a sunscreen. A simple moisturizing SPF 30 cream will be enough to protect your skin.

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