What Would Home Alone Turn Out To Be Like If The Kid Was Robbed By Clever Robbers?

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Remember that amazing holiday film starring that adorable blond-kid-with-blue-eyes who was forgotten at home by his family and then robbed by two bumbling robbers? Ring a bell? Yes, it is the iconic Home Alone that I'm talking about.

I would be lying if I told you that after watching the film I didn't fantasize about being left at home by the family during the holidays and then having an adventure of sorts. But as I rewatched the movie every Christmas while growing up, I started wondering what the story would be like if the crooks had been smart. Would there even be a story - a second half to the film?

Family Guy came to my rescue, when the makers of the show reimagined the film exactly the way I wanted it to be imagined. And boy, was it a bummer!

Watch the video and find out how the story could've ended.