What Style Of Fitness Seems Most Like You?

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Buff Dudes

We live in a society which is well on its way to becoming 100% fitness conscious. A section of it works out because it actually cares about fitness, another section does it because it likes the improved physical appearance that comes with it.

If you listen to a trainer, or anybody who is a pro at working out, you'll understand that exercise is not only going to the gym, but can be any one of the 7 styles, that appeals to you. And this brings us to another section - the hopefuls - the one that wishes to work out (for whatever reason it may be), but cannot decide what form of exercise to choose.

The Buff Dudes address this problem in a hilarious yet informative way through this video.

Check it out and tell me - Bodybuilding. Yoga. Crossfit. Powerlifting. Parkour. MMA. Pilates - WHAT IS YOUR STYLE?