Today, Take A Dip In A Bathtub Full Of Nutella

Nutella is THE one thing that can bring a smile to the faces of everyone at the mere mention of it. That jar of gooey goodness can make the best of men weak in the knees in a second. While most people cherish and treasure the existence of it, keeping this gold close to them, a certain man from the UK has something completely else on his mind!

CemreCandar regulary dumps weird stuff in his bathtub and bathes in it. He is a quite the YouTube sensation because of it. The last time he duked himself in 1,250 bottles of hot sauce and besides not looking pretty, it certainly must not have been a pleasant sensation, either.

Now, people would tell you to do whatever you want to with hot sauce but to leave Nutella alone. Remember that big chocolate lake in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, well this bathtub is quite reminiscent of it. After stuffing his face with said goodness, he goes on to fill up the tub (which takes a good six hours).

Although with some difficulty - what with the thickness of Nutella - he manages to move around a little, pour it over his head, and then dance!

The video is a hit on YouTube, with more than 3M views.

Watch it here!