This New Friend Will Do All Of Your Laundry Without Complaint

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Tech Insider

New laundry machine FoldiMate does all of your laundry. Yes, you heard that right! This home robot irons AND folds your
laundry in a manner rivalling professional laundry folders (if that is even a thing)! This $700 appliance is about the 
size of a normal washer or dryer and can apparently grab your clothes, align the seams properly, steam press them, and
fold them cripsly. 
All you gotta do is hang your freshly washed clothes up onto the racks in front of the machine. The machine automatically
draws the clothes in and gets working its magic on them. It even promises to fold each piece of garment within 10 seconds! 
Wicked, isn't it?
Now, if only we could get a machine to put our laundry away!