This Eyewitness Account Is The Aussiest Interview Ever

On Thursday morning, the Today show interviewed a Brisabane man after he gave chase to a car that ran into a nearby shop. What followed was a unique eyewitness account, the likes of which the Australian community hasn't seen in a long time. 

Shoulder length hair, tatttooed arms, his honesty and selflessness, combined with his accent have made Daniel a hit online.

"It's really quite funny, I was in bed sleeping at 2 o'clock this morning and my wife comes in and says someone's run into the shop," McConnell said. "I jumped out of bed, all I had was me undies on and I've walked out the front and I've seen the the car smashed and I saw the bloke walking back to the car and I said 'what are you doing, mate? You can't be leaving the scene.'

The alleged offender fled the scene in his car and McConnell gave chase in his. He then managed to send police in the right direction. Karl Stefanovic described McConnell as the "Aussie of the day", while Lisa Wilkinson said "all good superheros