These Guys Parents Thought They're Gay, So They Sent Them This Vacation Video

What would you do if your parents thought you and your best friend are gay, even though you're not? Well, sending them a romantic video of you and your best friend vacationing in Thailand would probablly be the last thing you'd think of doing. But not Travis Henning! You can tell from his video titled :Just Friends", that this is exactly what he decided to do.

The video, which has already amassed almost 2M views on YouTube, features Travis and his bestfriend in a series of questionably close situations.  From riding shirtless together on a scooter and running around hand-in-hand, to feeding each other across the table and even getting manicures together, their vacation video will make you laugh, even if it does little to quell their parent’s sneaking suspicions about just how “friendly” the two friends really are.