Someone Made A Friends Episode Where Chandler Dies And The Feels Are Way Too Real

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Friends might be your escape from reality. And you might have seen it 900 times. But this is one episode you haven't watched. It turns out, that the show wasn't supposed to end the way it did, and the alternate ending has been revealed now. Spoiler : It's a sad, sad episode. And that's probably why the makers decided to scrap it and go with another ending. Oh! Well, to be honest, it isn't a real episode. Rather, YouTuber Dogfood envisioned an alternate, tragic, and all sorts of heartbreaking and scarring ending in which Chandler DIES and the rest of the cast has to learn to live without him. 

The episode is aptly titled "The One Where Chandler Dies",  and at just 6 minutes short of the standard 22-minute episode length, it's serious business and took a lot of work.