Rush Hour In Japan Makes The Tube Look Like A Breeze

Humans have a tendency to complain. It is one of the few 'luxuries' that we enjoy on a daily basis. If we don't have anything bad to complain about, we complain about things going TOO well in our lives.

People living in metros have another thing to complain about - the traffic in the city, especially during rush hour. It is the bane of our existence. It makes us want to stay in bed all day and vegetate, because nothing is worth the hours of being stuck in traffic, surrounded by pollution, or being pushed around in public transport and feeling violated by the end of the journey. However, after witnessing the condition of Tokyo during rush hour, you'll bless your stars and the traffic and crowd, wishing for it to always be the same.

This video shows passengers boarding a subway train in Tokyo during rush hour. Despite the train looking overloaded, people keep squeezing in until there is almost no room to move.