PETA Tricks Bystanders Into Drinking Dog Milk

People were left disgusted after PETA tricked them into drinking dog milk. There were some though, who wondered why people were mad. It was just dog milk - and apparently, it tasted good. One woman said, "It tastes like milkshake, but smooth."

Before the taste testers were let in on the dog milk secret, they were all about this new 'milk'. But, like... you're okay with drinking cow's milk? Goat's milk? But not dog's milk? Okay, I guess that's where you draw the line.

Londoners were disgusted when they were told that they were drinking dog's milk instead of cow's milk for PETA's new campaign for animal rights. One woman even spit on the sidewalk and said, "Shame!" to the PETA workers. But seriously, there's no excuse for spitting on sidewalks. 

This was to open the discussion on why we continue to use dairy, but it also made me wonder what other animals' milk tastes like.

The film ends with this statement, "Dog's milk. Cat's milk. Rat's milk. Cow's milk. We're the only animal to drink another species' milk. Isn't it all a bit gross?"

Note : PETA didn't actually give these people dog's milk, it was soy milk. But it does make for a solid prank, doesn't it?!