Not Even The Clumsiest Hands Can Spill Anything Now

Is knocking over a glass of water or a mug of coffee and spilling the liquid all over the floor a part of your daily woes?
If yes, then this new product is probably God's greatest gift to people like you. 
The new super mug is not only spill proof, but fall-proof as well, and helps avoid such trauma. It is easy to lift, but 
difficult to knock over. It can apparently withstand elbowing, slapping, pushing without falling over and spilling.
How? You might wonder.
The cup uses "smart grip" technology at its base that allows it to cling to all kinds of flat surfaces by creating vacuum
to lock it in place, but is released when someone picks up the mug.
The mug has proved to be a rage among all butterfingers in the USA, and is now available in other countries online.
Don't belive me? Check it out for yourself.