Jimmy Fallon's Haunted House Adventure Is All Laughs, No Scares

With Halloween right round the corner and pumpkin picking and carving in full swing, you can't really keep the spooks out.

Thanks to Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart, this year's halloween will be a lot more fun, and (a lot) less scary.

In the latest episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon", Jimmy and Kevin took a stroll through NY's Blood Manor. To give us a from-their-POV-view, they had cameras strapped to their chests that effectively captured all scares, jumps, spooks, and cuss words let loose, and the final result was as good as was expected.

Hart screamed this throat raw while Jimmy cowered in the background for the most part of the video. 

But as Hart put it, "...at any point it looks like I'm afraid, I'm an actor. That's me acting."