Girl Embraces Halloween Spirit By Sticking Her Head In A Pumpkin During A Carving Session

A Vancouver (USA) girl fell prey to the trick in trick or treat when she stuck her head up a carved out pumpkin.She figured she had cut a big enough hole to be able to fit her head comfortably up the pumpkin.

But after trying it on for its size, she soon became stuck by her ponytail and almost needed a fire department rescue! The girl's mother, who was filming the carving, kept on filming even as her other kids tried to rescue their sister.

Mrs. Ralphs posted the hilarious video first to her Facebook, and then YouTube, from where it soon spread very quickly. By the end of the video, Mrs Ralphs can be heard telling her kids to, 'Go tell dad that Rachel has her head stuck in a pumpkin!'

The dad contemplated calling the fire department, to which Rachel vehemently protested.

The video finished with Rachel still stuck, however Mrs Ralphs wrote on Facebook alongside the footage: 'Luckily dad had some maneuvering skills that helped get her out!'