French Guy Shows Displeasure With Apple In A Unique Way

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Part and parcel of being a consumer, and customer is being dissatisfied with the products you own. And the most you might do to voice said dissatisfation is complain verbally or write a letter, right? Well, as it turns out, not everyone is on the same page in this world. 

While you're still deciding on which kidney to sell to buy the new iPhone, meet this (unknown) French guy who decided to make Apple hear his voice by going into a store and smashing - yes, smashing - every iPhone he could lay his hands on. It was a very well planned attack which was executed to perfection untill the man was caught by security. He had apparently been standing up against Apple's "violation of European consumers' rights" after the company refused to reimburse him.

On Thursday, Apple released an ad encouraging customers to express themselves better, but I'm sure this is not what they had in mind.