Billy Convinces People Seth Rogen Is Dead, While Seth Rogen Films It All

In a clip from "Billy on the Street", Billy Eichner is joined by Seth Rogen for "Death Rogen", one of Eichner’s crazy street game shows with a morbid twist meant to pay tribute to all the celebrities that have passed away in 2016. 

As Rogen mans the camera, Billy approaches the people of New York to break to them the news of the Neighbors star's death. The plan is for Rogen to witness first hand the reaction of people to his death. But of course, even the best laid out plans don't always work out, as most people don't even know who the comedian is.

He does get a confidence boost though when many people are devastated by his 'death'.

Of course, Eichner immediately reveals to all of his contestants that not only is Rogen alive and well, but he’s RIGHT HERE!! There are some sighs of relief, some confusion, and some f-bombs, but all in all, Eichner executes his prank well.