Australian Pair Fake Their Way Their Way Into Korean Golf Tournament

Two men from Australia, pretending to be pro golfers, managed to fool North Korean officials into playing in an international tournament for professional golfers. While on a polo tour in China, the two men - Morgan Ruig and Evan Shay - aged 28, decided to enter theNorth Korean Amateur Golf Championships by email.
They later told news channels how they managed to trick officials into believing they were part of the official Australian contingent, and even had green blazers made to look the part. They enjoyed to the fullest despite having to surrender their passports when they arrived in the totalitarian state. 
They were taken around on an official tour of the national capital, and were chaperoned around for the entire duration of the five day trip. The pair's awful golfing skills were revealed while actually playing the two-day tournament.
One local was quoted as saying that the duo played so awfully that they brought shame to their families. However, this hasn't deterred the pair from further plans.
They have their eye on the Somalia Open now.