Anyone Who Thinks Potatoes Aren't Terrifying Needs To Watch This

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Katrina Naficy

"Potatoes are evil incarnate!" - I've been saying this to anyone who'll listen to me for who  knows how long! Uh, okay, I might be lying when I say that. BUT as far as conspiracy theories concerning a possible potato-triggered apocalypse go, this skit has to be the closest to hit home.

Not only does it feed my wildest fantasies of doom, but also raises questions regarding the apparent innocuous existence of these cute little tubers. 

They are tasty, sure. They give us tast stuff like chips, and fries, yes. But, have we ever wondered what would happen if there was an excess of potatoes in this world?!

I'll tell you what would happen! They would overpower humanity, and I kid you not when I say this.

Check out the video because I know you don't believe me, and comment with your fears, because I know you'll be worried too after you see this.