Adam Levine And Ellen Scare The Living Daylights Out Of Bathroom Goers

It's almost guaranteed that the audience on Ellen goes back home with heart conditions. On November 3's episode, Ellen will team up with Adam Levine for a pretty simple prank - to scare the sh*t out of people who need to use the loo urgently. The duo proves that even the simplest ideas can wreak havoc when the timing is right.

As Ellen says, "the entire year is the season of scares!". In the segment, Ellen and Adam donned up a number of costumes, and hid in an available ladies' room in the studio's restroom, jumping out at the poor, unaware victims of their prank. The screams that the women let out could put Ulysses' Sirens to shame.

One bathroom goer though couldn't get enough, jubiliant as she was at having her dream of being scared by Ellen DeGeneres fulfilled.

Watch the gag here.